A Parker Palm Springs wedding // Janet and James

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 The day unfolded lazily, a Parker Palm Springs destination wedding lends an air of an afternoon tea and croquet social to its events. With plenty of room for guests to roam around, grab a lemonade, work on their petanque game, or just lie in a hammock staring up at the desert sky, a wedding couldn’t be much more chilled out.  For their wedding venue, Janet and James chose well as there are few places in the U.S. that you can safely plan a wedding in the middle of Winter with the peace of mind that you’ll score with the weather.  While it’s existence defies engineering logic, the city of Palm Springs is an undeniably genius setting for a wedding; with year-round weather as stable as the San Jacinto Mountains, great food, breathtaking views, and a diverse and a welcoming community…it really does tick all the boxes. James and Janet share a love for music and play the violin and viola respectively, so in lieu of a first dance, the couple played a number together for their guests and I can’t decide which would’ve been more nerve-wracking…dancing or playing in front of all those people;  nevertheless, their performance was beautiful.  Janet is a first-grade teacher and her students put together what I believe to be the most thoughtful wedding gift EVER by a group of 6-year olds.  They made Janet and James a book; each student creating a page in the form of a drawing and some kind (and sometimes hilarious) words, wishing the two well on their future together.  It broke my heart and I photographed almost every page of the book.  What a sweet, sweet gift.  With the majority of their guests being school friends, and many journeying long distances to be there, they definitely gave everyone a day to remember.

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