A Gardener Ranch wedding

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We couldn’t have had a more perfect day either, as we arrived at H&E’s Gardener Ranch  wedding under a resplendent spring sky. It was a day of new beginnings; The Vernal Equinox, the Persian Nowruz (or New Year), and the day that the friendship of H&E would transform into a lifetime partnership. The air was fresh and still and an overall calmness sat over the venue as mom and dad put the finishing touches on the Sofré, friends relaxed under majestic oak trees in hammocks, and excited children ran across the property chasing butterflies. Inside the grooms camp, there was a bit less tranquility, and more of a sense of urgency as the realization set in that nobody knew how to tie the groom’s bowtie…myself included. I swore from that day forward that I would be the go-to-guy you could rely upon to save the day like Adam Sandler diffusing Steve Buscemi’s off-color speech in The Wedding Singer, with a flash of the hands, setting up any groom for certain success. I’m almost there…but not quite. Our slight haberdashery-hang-up led us to a perfect example of how an unexpected hiccup can turn serendipitous – and often does – so NEVER panic on your wedding day, just go with the flow. As E pulled his bowtie tight and finished his preparations, we walked outside to a secluded spot under the trees where H would meet him for their first look. Many deep breaths later, she walked up and emotions peaked. The bowtie delay caused the timing of this moment to coincide with H’s sister practicing singing their wedding song – La Vie en Rose – off in the background. The moment was subime and proved to be one of H’s most vivid and emotional memories from the day. Despite nerves all morning from both H and E, when the two saw each other, exhaled deeply, and looked into each others’ eyes, everything felt just right. The day was very personal and many people contributed their talents to tie it all together. As mentioned earlier, H’s parents (with some help from her sister), assembled the Sofré, the favors were hand-calliagraphed buy E’s mom, table names and escort cards were made by the bride and groom with help from one of her bridesmaids, they wrote the ceremony script themselves, her brother officiated, her sister gave several incredible vocal (and piano) performances, a silly poem was read by a friend, the guest book was a gift from their close friends, and an old caricature painting of the two was used as the base for the book, designed by E. There was also a tea ceremony to honor E’s family and their traditions. As the evening went on, dinner ended and guests moved onto the dance floor where the there was a traditional Persian knife dance and cake cutting. We had a bit too much fun with guests painting with light and taking photos under the stars and Gardener Ranch’s giant trees…if only every wedding could end with a sparkler-fest!