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How We Work

Viera Photographics is a wedding photography company started in 2005 by husband and wife team, Jaime and Dennis Viera. We focus on capturing candid, honest, touching moments and images that convey the feel and tone of the day.

Our style has been described as “stylish story telling with raw emotion.

We draw inspiration from photojournalism, fashion photography, editorial photography, and architectural photography; weaving together different approaches to create beautiful timeless images. We create diverse collections of images that reflect you and the uniqueness of your day.

We will photograph the food, your shoes, your grandma, how the ocean looked, your mothers long list of formal photos, your drunk uncle, and whatever else we can find to tell your story completely. We are crazy about photography.

We’re nuts about using the most high tech cameras and lenses possible, but also have a love for older, more niche analog equipment.

We love natural light but have years of experience with strobes and light modifiers for the times when ambient light needs a little help.

We all shoot primarily digital – and utilize the best and fastest professional SLR bodies and fast prime and zoom lenses. This enables us to thrive under any conditions mother nature or an overenthusiastic lighting guy may throw our way.

We are very down to earth individuals and our approach begins with getting to know you.  We already have the years of experience in place, a ton of gear, and our incredible enthusiasm for photography…the only thing missing from the equation is you, and your story.  We think of ourselves as old pals that just happen to take great photos while we integrate seamlessly with your wedding guests!