A wine country wedding // Sharon and Jeff

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Sharon and Jeff’s wine country wedding took place at one of our favorite locations, atop Boot Hill at Kunde Family Estate in Sonoma’s wine country, with an afternoon ceremony under the oaks followed by an elegant dinner under the stars adjacent to the hilltop lawn. I think it’s pretty clear from their massive collection of photos that the day was enjoyed by everyone there. Nobody would argue that the most fun was had by Sharon and Jeff who had smiles on their faces for literally 8 hours straight. From the start of the day with Sharon and Jeff preparing with their family and friends, to the last moments before we left and Sharon needing a break from dancing and getting fanned by her guests, it’s clear that we’re not the only ones that think the world of this luminous couple. Sharon and Jeff are the kind of people that you secretly want to call last minute and ask if it’s okay if they share Thanksgiving with you. From the first time we met them, to our magic engagement session in Tomales, to when we got their gift of fancy soaps in the mail a few weeks later, and every time we spoke together leading up to their wedding day…we just always considered them more friends than clients.  Sharon’s an art director and Jeff is “just a boring finance guy” (his words), but they both care about photography immensely as Sharon grew up around a father who was permanently attached to his camera. Above all, Jeff and Sharon love each other wholeheartedly and on their wedding day, they were never very far apart from each other for long. Their wedding invite was a concise declaration for how the day was to go: Music starts We get married Everyone parties …and that’s roughly how it went down. Although we considered inviting ourselves along, we thought we’d give them a break and wait to hear stories in their words from their upcoming New Zealand honeymoon.