A Sea Ranch Lodge wedding // Scott and Sandy

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Sandy and Scott threw all conventions aside when they planned their intimate Sea Ranch Lodge wedding on the Sonoma coast. When you think 4th of July, you probably conjure up images of sunshine, barbecues, cheap beer, fireworks, and crowds of people soaking it all in to the sounds of Roy Ayers Jr… This 4th of July would be a bit different, and we were looking forward to spending this truly independent and mellow and monochromatic afternoon with a crew of people more colorful than anything the above description could’ve ever hoped to deliver.

Finding the perfect venue was the single most important consideration in the planning of Sandy and Scott’s intimate wedding. The reason they got in contact with us well over a year ago was through a connection they made with Goldie and Dan’s Big Sur Elopement, and they wanted something that felt similar for their day. Their Sea Ranch Lodge wedding provided just what they were looking for, a contrast of drama and lucidity, there, they were able to feel connected to each other, their friends, and the larger natural world around them; far from the commotion of every day life. When I spoke to Scott so many months ago – learning about them both individually and as a couple – we talked about lots of things from music, to movies, to wedding locations we’ve loved, and onto what being an editor entails; our talk was great and always rambled in all the right direction. Convincing friends and family to make the long drive up from Los Angeles wasn’t without it’s difficulties. But, the theme would always return to one constant, and that was making sure that Sandy was happy and had the best day ever; I liked these guys a lot.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and for as silly as these two are…there were all of a sudden some seriously poignant moments amidst the exuberance. Cocktail hour was held cliff side and the guests enjoyed signature cocktails and a selection of local cheeses and other delights while we took some very sweet family photos. The evening finished (for us) with dinner and a boatload of incredibly heartfelt speeches in the Lodge’s Fireside Room. The day seemed to go by too quickly, but that’s always how we feel after a great day, thanks so much Sandy and Scott for giving us a most memorable Independence Day.