Kunde wedding // Shauna and Vinay

kunde wedding

Many of our clients tell us at the end of their wedding day, that if they could do it all over again the next day, they would - particularly when they have a Kunde Family Estate wedding in Sonoma. Well...Shauna and Vinay actually did do it all over the very next day. Following their Hindu wedding ceremony at the Kunde Family Estate, they held a western ceremony (minus the spurs and lasso's) the very next day. It was truly a perfect early Autumn afternoon as Shauna changed into her elegant gown at the Hill House surrounded by all her best friends. The weather was perfect, the the mood was jovial, and the anticipation was high -  so much so that Shauna couldn't hep her self but to take a sneak peak of Vinay as he was rounding the corner for their first look. These two are like a couple of teenagers in love... really. Atop the impossibly beautiful Boot Hill, the ceremony was performed by one of Shauna's best friends. And under the canopy of gnarly native oaks in front of a sea of smiling faces, the couple vowed to spend their life together. Shauna's freshly painted henna added subtle contrast to her white wedding dress, and tied the weekend's festivities together beautifully as they completed the joining of families and cultures. Guests were treated to some incredible food, wine, and lawn games with the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Marty O'Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra.  Dinner service began as the moon rose off to the east and speakers peppered the courses with emotional and hilarious tales of the lives of these two incredible people.  As is often the case at weddings, we have a hard time knowing when to stop, so as we packed the car to head off home, we couldn't resist setting up for one last starry sky photo to try and relate how insanely beautiful of an evening it was.