A K2 Ranch Wedding // Jane and Tom

k2 ranch wedding in sonoma

From New York to Sonoma valley - the venue for their K2 Ranch wedding - Jane and Tom brought more than 200 people, many from over 2900 miles to celebrate with them. That’s no small feat and it’s a real testament to the skill of the coordination team at Quintana events who we feel deserve a quick shout out  for their consistently amazing efforts. The wedding day was typical for summer, crystal clear blue skies and toasty warm with only the faintest coolness blowing in from San Pablo bay. As Jaime was arriving at the girls home several miles away, I walked into Tom and his groomsmen in full a cappella glory, one of the coolest wedding day introductions. As they were practicing for a surprise performance at the reception, Jane and her girls were slipping out of their rompers and into their dresses and wrapping up the final pre-ceremony preparations.

Jane arrived at Tom's place for the first look and, after a few minutes taking in the gravity of what was to come and processing how incredible they both looked, they once again went their separate ways in preparation for the ceremony. As guests found their seats and Tom and the bridal party took their places, the distinctive engine sound of a vintage VW bug approaching filled the air. As the proud owner of a beautiful classic bug, Jane's father thought it would fitting to drive his daughter to the aisle in one and it was a great call.

High above Glen Ellen and the cascading vineyards below, the ceremony took place at the Lodge at Anderson Ranch under the shade of many large oak trees. It was short but long and sweet enough to bring many to tears along the way. As the nuptials concluded and the couple were officially husband and wife in front of all their favorite people, the wedding party retreated up the hill, under a giant oak tree for a champagne toast.

Guests were then shuttled down the valley to the beautiful Glen Ellen wedding reception site, K2 Ranch. Situated on 18 Acres, K2 was developed in the late 60’s as a breeding stable for Arabian horses and now is a training and boarding facility in addition to being a gorgeous and exclusive Sonoma wedding venue. The outdoor courtyard hosted the cocktail reception as the final touches were completed on the dinner decor inside K2's spacious 7500 square foot barn. As guests enjoyed custom cocktails and sliders, the couple arrived down the long driveway in the VW and were greeted with the smiles and open arms of everyone anxiously awaiting their arrival. As the heat of the afternoon really settled in, guests were invited into the barn to take their seats. Toasts and dancing and huge group photos of friends from Cornell kept the pace of the evening delightfully uptempo and everything seemed to be leading towards the surprise a cappella performance Tom and the boys had been working on at the start of the day. Unbeknownst to all was how the performance turned into a serendade for the mother of the bride...but it did, and they even made her a human chair to sit in while they sang to her. They sang several songs and Jane joined mom near the end for their finale. So much heart and soul to their day! Below is a bit about the couple in their own words.

 About the couple

How we met

We met senior year of college at Cornell on our fall break weekend. Neither of us left campus for the weekend and a mutual friend introduced us at a bar. Tom was my teaching assistant for a wines course the next semester and we began spending more time together as our social circles overlapped. I brought him to my spring sorority formal and we began dating (long distance!) after we graduated. 

Most important for your day

I want to be surrounded by friends and family celebrating our relationship. We want our guests to feel a sense of place- we did lots of research and finally found the perfect ceremony site and venue in Sonoma county. We want to be able to see this in our photos. We also want memories of the time spent with our close family and friends celebrating our commitment to each other.