A winter wine country wedding // Sonoma

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 E&D’s winter wine country wedding was held a private home in Sonoma. The day was grey, and we were hopeful that the rain would hold off.. However, right as the ceremony was going to start in the back yard of a good friends home, it started pouring. The disappointment was evident, but, I think both E&D would agree in retrospect that it was perfectly perfect. The group crowded around the fire in the living room as the ceremony started. The energy in the room was electric. The amount of love that poured out of everyone for this couple was one of the most amazing things I have seen. And you can probably guess, I was drenched in tears along with the rest of the crowd. As the ceremony progressed, a very long ribbon was passed around so that everyone was touching it. As it went around the room, each person said something to the couple. I have never seen something like this done, and let me tell you – it was amazing! Such wonderful words, and so much emotion. The ceremony concluded with the couple jumping over a broom, which was a tradition dating back to slave days. The happy group headed over to Jacuzzi Family Vineyards for dinner, some amazing music, dancing, drinking, and a ton of speeches (one of which was actually a skit). Here’s to new traditions, and many more years of dancing and drinking!