A San Diego botanical gardens wedding // Erica and Greg

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We first met Erica and Greg at a get-together amongst friends at one of our favorite haunts, Besta-Wan in the lovely Cardiff-By-The-Sea.  It was clear from the start that these were two great people and we hoped that we would become friends…and we did! Here is a very sweet, behind-the-scenes peek into the people behind the images you’ll see below.  It’s an excerpt from the questionnaire we send out to help us get to know our prospective clients a bit better, and was written by Erica:

“Well… apparently the first time we met was at the beach, but I don’t remember meeting Greg. I still stick to the first time we ever really hung out. It was at a friend of a friends birthday on a wine tasting party bus. Our bus driver called in sick and we all ended up waiting around Solana Beach for a few hours chatting and drinking cheap champagne…. I think this is one of the best ways to get to know someone. 😉 After this, Greg and I were friends for a year. It wasn’t until my work was transferring me full time to San Diego and I needed someone to live with. Greg was in the process of moving to Canada, but still needed a place to come home to, so it was going to work out perfectly. We started looking for places to live, spending a ton of time with each other and having the best time together. Greg will say he always knew I was the one…. for me it took this quality time to see that this wonderful and loving man was perfect for me. “ Erica and Greg both have demanding work schedules so in their free time, they enjoy doing as little as possible, not unlike ourselves.  They feel life is better together and value the time they have to themselves when there are no interruptions and they can just enjoy each other’s company, cook breakfast, and lounge around with their dog Bentley.  The thing they love most, next to each other, is spending time with friends and family and their wedding was a celebration in the truest sense.  Their San Diego botanical gardens wedding ceremony was performed by Greg’s sister and Greg added some personal love to the day by flexing his wood-working skills in creating the flower boxes, coasters, and the seating plan.  Greg and Erica spent just enough time in their seats at the reception to eat and listen to the speeches but the majority of their time was spent circling around the lovely  San Diego Botanic Garden , mingling with friends, laughing, dancing, and enjoying every minute of the day. It’s hard to quantify what it was about the day, but Jaime and I concurred that it was one of the most enjoyable weddings of the season.  It could have been the weather – balmy, with high overcast and an overall stillness – or the serenity of the tucked-away garden venue, maybe it was the awesome music selection, or simply that Erica and Greg are a pleasure to be around.  Whatever it was, it was just the right amount of all the most important ingredients. Erica and Greg, we think you’re pretty swell.