A Flora Farms Wedding Cabo Del Sur // Nicole and Andy

flora farms wedding cabo mexico

Nicole and Andy's unique Flora Farms wedding took place in Cabo del Sur, Mexico; seemingly a world away from the beachside ceviche peddlers and celebrity tequila bars of Cabo San Lucas just down the coast the peninsula's tip. Flora Farms is an organic working farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo, and is a tranquil oasis amidst cactus-studded hillsides and gravelly arroyos. As the mango grove was being prepared for the wedding ceremony, culinary staff continued tending plants, gathering vegetables and herbs for the evening's meal. Once supplying fine dining establishments in the area with their impeccable produce and humanely raised animal products, these days the demand right there on the farm itself is so great that all of what they produce remains on-site to supply food for guests and as teaching materials for their numerous culinary classes.

The One and Only Palmilla provides every and any aspect of a luxurious destination wedding that you could dream of and was a great space to begin Nicole and Andy's day. At the girls villa, Nicole put in her finishing touches, antique earrings passed down from her grandmother as blue as the Sea of Cortez. At the boys place, Andy grabbed one last taco with the boys and we prepared to rendezvous for their first look.

As Andy and Nicole finished their preparations at the One & Only Palmilla, the expansive transformation back at Flora Farms was nearing completion, with lounge areas and built in food stations cropping up around the farm. We arrived and Nicole hid away as Andy escorted his mother down the aisle to her seat. Nicole and her father made their way down the aisle and Andy stepped out from under the chuppah, adorned in roses of every shade of pastel, and met his soon-to-be-bride. A few speeches, a ring exchange, and one broken glass later, Mazel Tov! Andy and Nicole were married. As the couple, succeeded by their wedding party and guests, and a mariachi band, made their way up the aisle and over to the cocktail party, the festivities were about to kick up several notches.

The party began with cocktails and mariachi, a mingling beer drinking burro, a mezcal tasting bar with sommelier, hand rolled cigars, and the aroma of spit roasted whole chickens filled the air. Speeches were followed by dancing which quickly turned into a full dance floor, which it remained until we left. The only pauses in the action were when guests ventured over to the periphery to sample treats from the beautifully designed desert station, sample more generous mezcal pours, or the cigar station. The combination was decadently dangerous but in the end, nobody disappeared into the desert never to be seen again so in all, a win!


How they met

Andy and Nicole went to college together (lived in the same freshman dorm) and were friendly but never romantically involved. Later, while Nicole was was doing her elective at a San Francisco hospital, the two reconnected. They spent a night dancing to oldies, kept in regular touch, and then one short year later went on a first date in New York while Andy was visiting for a wedding. That first date turned into a 4th of July weekend together and the rest is history.

That chapter ended today, with a beautiful Flora Farms wedding attended by 250 friends and family leading to a wild, crazy, sweaty, reception party launching them into the next exciting phase of their life together.



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