A Big Sur Elopement // Kendle and Myles

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Kendle and Myles had a plan:  “To be able to solely focus on each other and our love. To not have any worries, and just enjoy ourselves and every moment on this once in a lifetime occasion. To have fun and make amazing memories at one of the most beautiful places in the world!”. As such… their Big Sur elopement took place at a small, private residence and it was simply perfect. As Kendle finished getting ready, she helped Myles with his tie and I met him outside to prepare for their first look.  I’d just seen these two together in the house 15 minutes before, but now it was completely different;  emotions took off immediately. Myles took Kendle into his arms and it was clear that they knew their roles now were unique to this day, they were bride and groom.  As the couple met their officiant Soaring Starkey, the tears couldn’t be held back.  Soaring and I were the only other people there and when you’re this close to such an intimate occasion, it’s impossible to resist being drawn in.  Just as the couple had planned, surrounded by nature and under towering redwoods, they exchanged vows and joined souls.  Soaring joined hands with the couple, blessing the rings and the two were then married.  Kendle and Myles love each other so much that it was truly overwhelming and inspiring to be around. No matter how many times we bear witness to pure love, it never gets old.

I’ve been to Big Sur often and it never loses it’s ability to reboot the soul;  there are few places that can compete with Big Sur for connecting with nature and, in Myles and Kendle’s case, each other.