A luxury central California wedding // Brie and Brian

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North of Santa Cruz, along the rugged coastline is a slice of rustic paradise where Brie and Brian’s luxury central California wedding was held. Brie was raised in this dramatic countryside where the mountains abruptly meet the sea. Where time seems to not matter much and family is everything. The family’s ranch Año Nuevo, served as the perfect site for Brie and Brian’s wedding celebration. Three weeks before the big day, Scott Corridan of Corridan Design and his creative team descend upon the property with muscle, machinery, and materials – prepared to transform a large flat section of land with a  barn and some horse stables into a late 18th century African safari camp in the spirit of Ralph Lauren. Whew, three weeks later, they’d done it.

There were many different themed rooms, our favorites among many were the hunting lodge great room, outfitted with couches, leather armchairs, designer cigarettes, and a full bar serving a menu of custom designed signature cocktails, the airy seafood hall with freshly prepared sushi and a raw bar, the wine bar hosted by three sommeliers, and of course the beer garden with a wide selection of tap beers. The family had input on their own respective rooms including the Mother of the Brides’s “Cafe” featuring homemade pies and fresh espresso drinks. Just to guarantee no guest left hungry, at midnight a food truck pulled up to the entrance of the stables, serving up a bit of comfort food as the after-hours dancing began in the night club. With so many distinctly different rooms for guests to enjoy (and with a deliberate shortage of chairs), the flow of the afternoon/evening remained dynamic with guests moving about from one space to another.  Brie and Brian aren’t the type of people who want a spotlight shone on them rather, “why not just invite the most important people in your life to your family ranch and give them a day they’ll never forget!” Because there’s no place like home.