A Sierra Foothills Wedding // Alice and Tim

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They say that a little rain on your wedding day is good luck – that it’s cleansing and bodes well for fertility in the relationship. Well if that’s the case, then Tim and Alice are on track for a healthy relationship with many children as their Sierra foothills wedding was…well, more about that later.

Alice and Tim met while working together at a summer camp and when the season drew to a close, Tim realized that he couldn’t be away from Alice. So Tim followed his heart…which led him to Alice’s hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. This is no small feat when you’ve spent the better part of your life in a small, remote mountain town. As time went on, the bond between Alice and Tim grew stronger. They even got complementary tattoos on their wrists, to help them feel connected when they were physically separated. Tim’s family was supportive of his move but Tim knew that when the day came that he would propose, the wedding would be a hometown affair.

The bucolic town of Three Rivers, situated along the banks of the Kaweah rivier is a creative little town surrounded by raw, California wilderness that embodies the frontier spirit of the state. This is where Tim grew up, where his family still lives, and the kind of small town where nearly everyone knew about the wedding that day. Alice brought friends and family from New Zealand to this special place to celebrate with Tim’s clan, and to join their families. The White Horse Inn, perched high atop the riverbank, was a perfectly serene setting amongst the towering landscape in the distance. The ceremony took place in front of a giant granite slab waterfall and the reception was immediately adjacent on their riverview deck. If only the rain would hold out…

Spring is a time of uncertain weather in the Sierra Nevadas, but in the midst of California’s historic drought, rain seemed highly unlikely. Nevertheless, Tim and Alice received something of a miracle on their wedding day (depending on how you frame it, I suppose). The day began sunny and warm, but a late spring storm was spiraling over the state. I know a bit about weather and knew that it was only a matter of time before one of those colorful precipitation bands on the radar was directly overhead.

Tim and Alice read their vows, clenched each others’ hands, kissed, and at once, the skies opened up with thunder, lightning…and then came the rain. And the hail. The weather never got too crazy, but it did give everything a proper soaking and cool things down a bit. Alice and Tim weren’t psyched, but were gracefully accepting of the situation. We just made sure to keep them dry and her bridesmaids made sure to keep her Sauvignon Blanc topped up at all times. Tim got his first chance to be a supportive partner in a challenging situation, and he did so brilliantly!

A close family friend read a Karakia (Maori prayer) before dinner service and it must’ve addressed the weather because it never returned. There was a solid behind the scenes DIY effort, from the decor to the cake topper – designed by Alice – and the White Horse.

Despite the multi-seasonal weather on the day, the most vivid memories friends and family will have will be those of the gorgeous couple, their incredible speeches, the delicious food, and the touching first dances. Tim and Alice weren’t about to let a little rain dampen their spirits and It just goes to show that all you really need is a little love, a positive attitude, your favorite people, and some great wine for an incredible day.

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