A Big Sur Bakery wedding // Jeanne and Nick

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This Big Sur bakery wedding was held on π Day! No, Jeanne and Nick are not mathematicians, nor engineers for NASA;  they chose 3.14 for their wedding date simply because the number fascinates them.  This decision, along with choosing to have a Pfeiffer Beach ceremony, reflects their love of science and nature, their independent spirit, and their light-hearted outlook on life. The wedding ceremony began promptly at 1:59 PM;  Nick reminded me earlier in the day that 1, 5, and 9 are the next three numerals in the commonly abridged 3.14159 representation of the number. This makes their precise anniversary – 3.14159.

As the sound of bagpipes filled the air, Jeanne gave guests a sneak peek of her jazzy leggings and made her way across the beach to a completely overwhelmed Nick. Their vows were as cosmic as they were endearing. They expressed profound gratitude to the small group of friends and family that were there to share this day with them and also acknowledged the role of the universe in that moment, that place, and in the new life that they were starting together.
The reception was held at the Big Sur Bakery where dinner was Pizza pie!  There were games set up for guests to play, mad libs, and even souvenir pencils with the number Pi imprinted on them.  On the farm-style tables, alongside loaves of freshly baked bread and bowls full of olives, were hand-made floral arrangements made from cut and ornately folded maps – worthy of an origami award – and a nod to the couples love of travel and exploration.
The overall mood was jolly and the evening ended with a very special treat.  Jeanne plays the fiddle, she plays it beautifully, and she played it for desert.  There was cake too of course, but the most memorable part of the evening for us, was the intimate performance she gave for Nick and the wedding party.  Pi day will never be the same again!