A Kunde Family Estate wedding // Liz and Dan

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 High atop Sonoma Valley on the vast Kunde Family Estate, Boot Hill provides an incredibly bucolic setting for a destination wine country wedding. Valley of the Moon – as it’s sometimes referred to – sharply contrasts the stark, monochromatic, urban landscape of the nation’s capital that Liz and Dan left behind for their wedding-week adventure.

Liz is a political appointee in the Obama Administration, serving in the Department of Energy and Dan works for the National Nuclear Security Administration, within the Department of Energy. Despite having very stressful careers, Liz and Dan are self-proclaimed “fun-loving, balls-to-the-wall” kind of people; lovers of life and each other. Their wedding day was going to be all about having THE MOST AMAZING time with their best people which is why the two brought friends and family to a place that is both naturally beautiful and significant to them… as Sonoma is where they went on their first vacation together.

The day was rich with personal touches and awash with emotion ranging from tears to laughter. Dan struggled with blurry vision as bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, each one giving him a handwritten note from Liz, before he got his first look at the gorgeous bride herself. The ceremony was long and personal, with friends standing up to speak throughout – it was one of their favorite parts of the day. Though, Liz’s single, happiest moment came during their first dance as the couple held each other close while her brother and cousin’s played their song, “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, in the background as golden sunlight filtered through the giant oak trees.

As another beautiful summer day ended, a brand new party was about to begin and it doesn’t get any better than the couple crowd surfing, the groom doing the worm, AND the bride and groom getting on stage with the band to sing to their fans. Liz and Dan stayed true to their balls-to-the-wall approach and made the reception one of the most spirited parties of our season!!! We always like to ask if the couple has any advice they’d be willing to pass along, so here’s Liz and Dan’s: “Drink booze and laugh– you need both to get through all the chaos. Get as much done as early as possible. Remember that you are team and the day should reflect both of you! Build in time to stand with each other, away from the crowd, to take it all in. It goes by SO fast!”