Sonoma wedding photography // Amy and Randy

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Amy and Randy’s wedding took place on the tree-shaded deck overlooking the lush, Alexander Valley to the south. The view was incredible and what a day for Sonoma wedding photography!

At 4:30 a.m. on the morning of her big day, Amy woke up and began making lists. She was excited, giddy and full of anticipation. A few hours later, the sun rose on what would be a perfect day in California’s wine country and finally, Amy’s lists of last-minute to-do’s was complete. As Randy is Jewish and Amy was brought up Christian, they decided to split the difference and have a non-denominational ceremony. There was, however a gorgeous Chuppah, under which the two were married! When their officiant – Randy’s best friend – made the marriage pronouncement, Randy stomped the glass and, Mazel Tov, it was official! Just after the ceremony, Randy sabered a bottle of Champagne, a tradition dating back to Napoleon and the French Revolution, to boldly declare that it was celebration time! Of all the beautiful, intimate, timeless moments of the day, Randy and Amy’s favorite was the brief period they took to be alone immediately after the ceremony. With all the commotion leading up to the big day and the excitement throughout, it’s vital for a couple to make time for each other, and for Amy and Randy, it was just what they needed to reboot and take it all in. As the day went on, guests were treated, not only to the amazing vocals of Liah Alonso, but a duet with the singer and the bride for Randy’s dance with his Gram. One of the greatest functions of a wedding is that they bring generations of family members together. On this day, Randy’s 100 year old grandmother stole the show…and our hearts. Aided by a walker that Amy decorated for her, she made her way to the dance floor after not having danced in 30 years and said she didn’t even recall Amy singing because she was “on cloud 9”. The party moved from the pool side into the home where pie from Ikeda Pies was served. The evening ended with fine wine, sipping tequila and a breakdance performance by a dear friend. This was truly an event to remember!