A Parker Palm Springs wedding // Dianne and Ryan

parker palm springs wedding

Dianne and Ryan's Parker Palm Springs wedding was fully of style, fun and love. I have to say, from the moment we arrived at the Parker Palm Springs, we were flooded with inspiration. As you began our descent into the Coachella valley from highway 74, you slowly start to acclimate to the different world that is Palm Springs. While at can be argued as ridiculous - this lush oasis in the middle of one of the driest parts of the state - it's undeniable cool and uniqueness keep us eager to go back. Ryan and Dianne's colorful wedding day included a BBQ dinner (each guest was given a BBQ kit with crayons, bibs and wet wipes), Games (Bocce, Badminton, and Croquet), an old typewriter to write notes to the Bride and Groom on, and to top it off... they beat the crap out of a donkey Piñata filled with vintage novelty gifts like candy dots (remember those?) and kazoos! The desert head did not hamper anyones spirits and as the sun set behind the San Jacinto mountains and the cool settled in over the dance floor, energy reserves were tapped into and the dancfloor came to life. From beginning to end, Dianne and Ryan's day was fun, inspired, and a day we'll never forget.

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