Los Angeles is one of the great cities and home to some of our favorite client-turned-friends. As we don’t live as close as we once did, we love it so much more when a Los Angeles wedding brings us to town. The diversity afforded to a Los Angeles wedding photographer is particularly great for wedding photojournalists as Los Angeles is a multi-layered tapestry of such interesting personalities and classic style. There’s much more to Los Angeles than meets the eye and after years of photographing celebrity weddings, Persian weddings, urban weddings, hotel weddings, Malibu weddings, mansion weddings, and private estate weddings there, we owe a debt of gratitude to the city of Angeles for providing us with the inspiration for creating some of our most inspiring wedding photography. 

When asked, people typically have a black and white opinion of Los Angeles, they either love it or hate it...well we LOVE Los Angeles. True, LA can be a little overwhelming at first (not nearly as crazy as New Delhi, but that's another story) but the more time you spend there, the more it grows on you and reveals its complex character (and characters). We’ve been fortunate to photograph the full-spectrum of venues in Los Angeles from private homes in Malibu and Hollywood to historic hotels and mansions to simple beach weddings and everything in between. Including some of the greater metropolitan areas just outside Los Angeles, we've photographed weddings in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Zuma, Palos Verdes, Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Agora Hills, Century City, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Santa Susana, Highland Park, Echo Park, Glendale, and Silver Lake.

Downtown Los Angeles offers every option imaginable for your wedding day, and the city itself has a lot to offer visiting guests as well. From the ubiquitous film crews shooting upcoming feature films on closed-off city blocks or film school students shooting shorts in a corner of the neighborhood noodle bar, the visual arts are deeply woven into life in Los Angeles and it does make a person feel inspired to create. Our visual storytelling with raw emotion approach is well suited to Los Angeles wedding photography.

For an urban wedding ceremony in a re-purposed smog shop, the (appropriately named) Smog Shoppe is a great space with ample room and a gorgeous living succulent wall that is a blank canvas for your wedding vision.

To illustrate the vast array of options within Los Angeles, Rancho Del Cielo wedding photography takes you high above Malibu to a hilltop farmhouse reminiscent of early California. Set amongst newly oak trees and olive groves, this is a beautifully bohemian Malibu wedding venue.

For casual elegance atop Pacific Palisades and just a short sprint from the lights and action of the Santa Monica pier, a Bel Air Bay Club wedding is the perfect mix of traditional and modern feel. Their sprawling lawn can accommodate large weddings and the upstairs ballroom keeps the day focused and all in one place so you can enjoy your guests rather than getting stuck in beach traffic.

If history and architecture are important to you, Greystone Mansion (otherwise known as Doheny Mansion) offers hollywood wedding photography at its absolute best. The mansion has been used for a long list of movies since 1947 and has endless potential for the best wedding portrait photography imaginable.

In addition, we have worked with many other private estates and rental properties that we could put you in contact with if you’re looking for more of a private Los Angeles estate wedding.

If you are a celebrity or public figure or just require an elevated level of service, we have have celebrity wedding photography experience and work extremely well dealing with clients needing additional levels of privacy. If needed, added service and support is available to handle any celebrity wedding public relations image requests for PR use and immediate press release after the wedding.

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Viera Photographics is a husband and wife wedding photography team located in Sonoma, California. They specialize in telling stories through their style of wedding photojournalism and candid documentary wedding photography. In business since 2005 they are considered to be one of the top high-end wedding photographers. Their unique wedding photographic style emphasizes stylish storytelling with raw emotion. They bring impeccable and unmatched customer service on every level.

Jaime, Dennis and their team are available worldwide with no travel fees. They travel often photographing weddings all over the world. Some of their top destinations are: Napa, San Francisco, Tahoe, Big Sur, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, New York, Newport, Rhode Island, Vermont, Mexico, and Hawaii.

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Featured Los Angeles weddings

A Smog Shoppe Wedding // Alyssa and Abe

Abe Pursell, Alyssa Fetini, Karen Willis Holmes, L'ezu Bridal, Low Light, Orange Blossom Weddings, Smog Shoppe, Stuart Weitzman, Uniqulo, Winter Wedding, dark, los angles

What better way to wrap up the 2014 wedding season than with a Smog Shoppe Wedding and a gorgeous and compassionate couple. Alyssa and Abe’s Smog Shoppe wedding was held at a favorite venue of ours on La Cienega in Los Angeles It seems that with each subsequent visit, the living wall on the building’s west facing side grows more and more dense with sedum pachyclados…but enough about smog and succulents, this December evening, it was all about Alyssa and Abe who, after spending the past 5 years together, were about to get hitched. Flanked by groomsmen and his best man (his son Drew), Abe stood anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of Alyssa. As she made her way down the stairs to her father’s arms and Abe got the first look at his stunning bride, pulses were almost audibly racing; she was. simply. a vision. Alyssa is much more than just a pretty face however, and I knew this from our initial conversation several months back. Alyssa, who used to be a producer for the highly respected Al-Jazeera network and a writer for Time magazine, told me that they would be forgoing a traditional wedding registry. Instead, friends and family could donate whatever they liked to help relief efforts in Gaza after this year’s humanitarian crisis there. Alyssa had covered Israel/Palestine as a writer working in the middle east and this seemed like an incredible gesture of altruism that I really connected with. Despite having nearly 200 guests at their Los Angeles wedding, they made the time to visit with everyone and their wishes – of having it feel like an intimate gathering of friends and family – really did come to fruition. The wedding details were all orchestrated by a talented group of friends – Alyssa’s bridesmaid, Arjuna Durrant, hand drew each of the guests faces on magnetic escort cards as a wonderful souvenir, her friend… Continue Reading

A Saddlerock Ranch wedding // Leah and Pedram

saddle rock ranch wedding

Nestled in the mountains above Malibu is a 1000 acre paradise known as a premier destination for wedding.  A Saddlerock Ranch wedding is incredibly unique due to its landscape of vineyards, canyons, rocky outcrops, and shady meadows. Owned and occupied by the Semler family and their 9 children for the last 28 years, the ranch is far enough from Los Angeles to feel removed from the pace of the world yet just close enough to have absorbed the perfect amount of rustic Hollywood glamour. Inspired by vintage Hollywood, Leah and Pedram wanted their Saddlerock Ranch wedding to be  “casual elegance under the sun and stars with a touch of classic Hollywood glamour”.  That perfectly describes the visual aesthetic of the day, as everyone from Leah and Pedram, to their guests to the bridesmaids – in their elegant BHLDN dresses – exuded elegance. The venue itself, by virtue of it’s ineffable natural beauty, was the perfect backdrop for Pedram and Leah’s dream day.  Under a brilliant summer sun, guests struggled in vain to hold back their tears as Leah and Pedram shared their vows – honest words from one friend to another, expressing their unconditional love for each other – it really was a tear-jerker of a moment.  Following the ceremony, the sun began it’s slow decline behind the iconic saddle rock and washed the surrounding hillside in a rosy glow. Guests found their tables with the assistance of escort charts, hand made by Leah – Hollywood wedding photos in vintage frames – fun and classy. As evening arrived, the arbor lights came on in the trees and turned the lawn setting into a proper midsummer night’s dream as the couple danced the night away. Congratulations Leah and Pedram! All Continue Reading

A Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding // Illana and Vishal

Hummingbird Nest Ranch wedding photography

Ilana and Vishal are wonderfully sincere and so in tune with one another. They come from quite different cultural backgrounds, but the celebration(s) for their Hummingbird Nest Ranch wedding were an amalgamation of them both. The parents wished for a traditional Hindu ceremony, and they got it…with a classy, clean, and modern touch à la the bride and groom. Tucked away in the foothills of the Santa Susana mountains northeast of Los Angeles, the Hummingbird Nest Ranch is a peaceful counterpoint to the frenetic pace of the city below. With it’s spanish renaissance architecture, succulent gardens, and nestled amongst granite mountains, it was perfectly suited to their desert oasis theme. The formal events of the day began with the grooms horseback Baraat up the road leading to the Villa, where the ceremony and reception would take place. Off the horse and ready to be married, Vishal along with siblings, and both sets of parents waited as Ilana appeared through the archway, with the traditional chunar over her head. Vishal met his to-be-bride and the ceremony began – an hour of traditional rituals followed – and the two were then married! Just before the sun descended over the western hills, the couple changed into western attire and we took the opportunity for a few photos with friends in the waning evening light. True to their reticence over the spotlight, the couple situated their table amongst the guest’s tables rather than in a main or head-table position. Speeches were made and a desert table was set up in lieu of the tradtional cake cutting and then general dancing began. There were no prescribed formal dances so everyone took the opportunity to promptly hit the floor as their band Jump Start got things rolling. What a great band… they all seemed to connect well musically and were even able to perfectly pull off Los Angeles,… Continue Reading

A Greystone Mansion Wedding

M&S’ Greystone Mansion wedding day marked the culmination of a love story that began six years ago to the day, when a girl and a boy walked into a bar in New York City… Innocently enough, they were there meeting some friends for happy hour when, not looking for anything, they found something nonetheless. She was drawn to his radiant eyes. He couldn’t get her smile out of his head. They liked each others sense of humor. They honestly just liked everything about each other. The two kept in touch on a daily basis over all the little details that made their lives so fulfilling and interesting to each other; things like staying up late, waking up early, their ambitions, music, reading books in the park, and life in general. They eventually saw each other again (and again), and shared heaps of laughter and adventures as they were falling in love. Halcyon days were coming to an end, however, as M was accepted into graduate school on the west coast. S adored New York City and couldn’t imagine her life anywhere else, but then, life without M wasn’t a very good life, so they made the decision and packed up their lives and moved to Los Angeles. Once the amalgamation into their new surroundings was complete, they adopted a sweet little floppy-eared rescue puppy they named Ziggy Stardust. Their shared love for Ziggy (and David Bowie) enhanced their love for each other, and their adventures continued as a family. The next adventure was going to be a memorable one; a luxurious wedding to inspire at an historical Los Angeles mansion. With such voracious appetites for art and culture, M & S chose a venue that is iconic in both categories. Greystone Mansion is a national historic landmark that was built in 1927 by oil tycoon, Edward Doheny, as a residence for his son and… Continue Reading

The Culver Hotel wedding // Nic and Martyn

Nic and Martyn live in Santa Monica and chose to have an intimate Los Angeles affair. They planned a simple yet elegant Culver Hotel wedding with the emphasis on celebrating their love in a relaxed atmosphere amongst a close group of family and friends – many of whom had travelled from Australia for the wedding. They wanted to be present, to eat, to drink, to take it all in for what it was, to be with all their favorite people and to be able to look back and smile at the whole experience. Nic’s gown was custom designed for her by her good friend, Elle who was also a guest. As dressed in the morning, she looked down to the seam noticing there was an inscription sewn in. The waterworks began when she read the message – something her and Martyn say to each other every day – it all became real at that moment, this was the day she was marrying her person. The ceremony was officiated by their good friend Hamish Parsons, and although it was over in the blink of an eye, the couple traversed a full landscape of emotions in a short period of time. As Nic and Martyn exited the lobby of The Culver Hotel as husband and wife, they were greeted, hugged, and squeezed by family members who all wanted a piece of the new couple. After a few family photos and some photos around the hotel with the couple exploring rooms and checking the soundness of the fire escape, they rejoined their guests for cocktails and dinner. The after dinner speeches and Martyn’s words to his new wife nearly brought everyone to tears. One snippet in particular really left an impression in my consciousness of the evening, when he just poured his heart out (in a tidy Australian accent mind you): “Nicole: I just love… Continue Reading

A Topanga Canyon at The 1909 Wedding // Hang and Jonathan

topanga canyon 1909 wedding

Hang and Jonathan’s Topanga Canyon wedding was held at a hidden gem known only by its street address, The 1909. Tucked into a little nook in Los Angeles, the venue is a perfect for a private Southern California wedding and suits couples that wish to create their own wedding day design as it is a beautiful blank canvas. The couple’s Jewish wedding ceremony took place on the 1909’s back deck, in the shadow of two towering California oaks, under a natural wood chuppah, adorned with flowers and eucalyptus leaves. There, in the washed out afternoon light of Southern California, Hang and Jonathan had everyone crying tears of joy as they exchanged the most honest, heartfelt, and incredibly well written wedding vows we’ve ever heard. Here’s a brief excerpt: …”It’s you bringing me tacos to share from our favorite taco truck and us munching on them in front of a small fire that we built; it’s those mornings when I would open my email to a video of you reading a Roald Dahl story when we were halfway across the country from each other; it’s making sure that we have our kitchen down – you chop, I marinade..” At that moment, all their emotions of finishing film school, a recent move, the loss of loved ones…were forgotten about and the two embraced each other as husband and wife…and kissed of course. At Cocktail hour, guests found their way around via handmade wooden signs as they sipped margaritas, a nod to those snuggly nights eating Mexican food together. Guests each received small and extremely cute succulent plants as wedding favors and the dinner tables were scattered with notecards of “amusing, stimulating, and mindful” quotations from some of the couples’ favorite literary works. Jonathan’s father and step-father co-mc’ing the reception was by far the… Continue Reading

A Smog Shoppe Wedding // Jessie and Ken

Los Angeles wedding photographers

Jessie and Ken’s intimate Smog Shoppe wedding was a quintessential laid-back Southern California celebration…all about fun, friends, and family. A peaceful oasis amidst the city sounds just outside its walls, The Smog Shoppe was the perfect wedding venue for the occasion.  Growing ever more lush over the years, the Smog Shoppe’s living succulent walls provided a tranquil garden setting for the wedding which was officiated by a very close family friend. After the ceremony finished and Ken and Jessie had made everything official, the couple spent the rest of the afternoon with family and friends; eating hors d’oeuvres, laughing a LOT, and enjoying the gorgeous afternoon catching up with their most important people. Ken’s Mother and Jessie’s Grandmother were unable to attend the festivities but in the spirit of inclusiveness, their were plenty of mobile devices set up to keep them connected. As the sun dipped and the evening cool set in, the party shifted inside for dancing to a solid set of 80’s classics. About the Couple How they met Their story begins when Jessie and Ken were preparing for the 2013 San Francisco marathon with Team in Training. They didn’t know each other during their 5 months of training, but as there were only 3 males on the team, Jessie knew who Ken was. They happened to be on the same flight to San Francisco on their way to the marathon, when Jessie said hi to Ken at the airport. As they were headed to the same hotel, they decided to share a cab…then dinner…then, they spent the rest of the weekend together before the marathon. They have basically been inseparable ever since. Three words that describe them as a couple Balanced, playful, happy Unique wedding facts Before the ceremony, when we took the couple on a light walking tour/portrait session of La Cienega via a few back alleys, the couple was gifted a chicken kebab… Continue Reading

An Athenaeum wedding // Maren and Chris

 Maren and Chris’ Athenaeum wedding at Cal Tech in Pasedena was full of personal design touches. As Maren is a graphic designer, many of projects were created by her. The list of her DIY projects is long… and includes the custom chalkboard signage, the invitation suite, the menus, the custom place cards, the “Wish you were here” banner, the napkins, the wine cork sign in book, and much much more. Though Maren thought she would be stressed on her wedding day, she was perfectly relaxed and soaked in the experience of marrying her best friend. The ceremony was emotional and beautiful – Chris was so overflowing with excitement that he tried to kiss Maren twice, to which the pastor replied “Save the rest for later!”. The reception included several songs sung by Maren’s sister and an extremely lively DJ crew who had the crowed dancing the whole time! As a testament to Maren and Chris’ love for their family and friends, they made it a point to visit with every single one of their 200 guests. The night ended in a Chinese lantern release, which had wishes for the bride and groom written on them by their favorite people. Maren was browsing an online dating site and noticed this cute, sweet Asian guy by the name of Chris. She thought she was over her “Asian Phase”, but set up a date anyway. As fate would have it, two dates in a row were cancelled due to food poisoning. They persevered, however, and when they finally met for dinner, they shut the place down. Their conversations flowed easily and naturally. They had many things in common including their love and devotion to their family and their dedication to living their lives with a strong Christian faith. They are both extremely nice easy going people and… Continue Reading

A Los Angeles beach club wedding // Kim and Mike

Being Kim and Mike’s Los Angeles wedding photographers was incredible. It’s pretty evident by Kim’s expressions throughout the day that the couple were closer to the intense joy end of the spectrum.  Kim and Mike are old souls that savor life and enjoy every second together.  Their wedding was held at the Bel Air Bay Club, overlooking the Malibu ocean.  We’d been told that Kim was pretty dancefloor-oriented and it didn’t take long to understand why.  Maybe it was the full moon – it was actually the Supermoon that day – but everyone was getting down.   The day went as smoothly as any wedding could possibly go and it seemed far too soon for it to end when friends and family bid them farewell with a beautiful sparkler sendoff.  Continue Reading

An intimate Bel Air Bay Club wedding // Danika and Nicolas

Looking over the selection of blog images from Nick and Danika’s intimate Bel Air Bay Club wedding again and again…well, this song just kept popping into my head –  “I’m So in Love With You” by the Techniques. It’s no secret that we’re purveyors of quality emotion and on this fine, February afternoon…we hit the jackpot. Now is a good time to click the link above and play the song in the background for maximum effect. Danika and Nick are ridiculously in love;  they dig each other, get each other, are mad about each other…they love each other  SO  much that they got lost in each other’s presence nearly every time they got within arms reach on the day of their wedding.  At times, it felt as if they were the only two people at the Bel Air Bay Club, and this deep, genuine, infectious, adoration for each other was inspirational as well as contagious. As individuals, the two have incredibly stressful careers;  Danika is an entertainment lawyer and Nick, a surgeon.  As a couple, the two are perfectly graceful and connected on so many levels –  old souls that were always meant to be together. Tears of joy are the best kind, and we all left with salty cheeks that night. Continue Reading

A Bel Air Bay Club wedding // Michelle and Jonathan

Michelle and Jonathan's Bel Air Bay Club Wedding in Malibu

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh  Once those words left Michelle’s mouth, the entire place was one, big, sobby mess at their Bel Air Bay Club wedding. And, although I’ve omitted photo evidence this time, Jaime was also in tears.  To become completely engrossed in the moment of a day like that and tap into the collective pool of emotion is very special for us.  When vows were exchanged in front of friends and family that Saturday afternoon, Michelle and Jonathan revealed their souls.  An emotional ceremony paved the way for a jubilant reception that would reflect the couples light-heartedness and their spirit of fun and togetherness. Their passion for Tequila was honored via a three foot Patron Ice Luge and as the music, dancing, and the evening wore on, guests were treated to a mini-donut cart for their sparkler send-off.  One sure sign of a great day:  when it’s over and nobody wants to leave.     Continue Reading

A Smog Shoppe wedding // Logan and Mike

On a cold, unassuming winter day in Los Angeles, at Logan and Mike’s Smog Shoppe wedding we heard one of the best speeches a Los Angeles wedding photographer could hear. According to Jessica, Logan’s bridesmaid, she found herself wanting to turn the tables and NOT talk about the Logan she had always known and loved, but instead about the moments that Mike Weiss entered her life and changed it forever. “”What I have, it turns out, is something that Logan has mocked me for for years: a homtail account that I opened in 2001 and still use.  And let me tell you, it is a gold mine.  … I found these emails in a folder entitled “first semester: real life”, the first months when we made the transition from college students to working adults. On August 6th, 2003 at 7:49 am Pacific Standard Time, you wrote: “… but let’s get to what you really care about…. Michael Lawrence Weiss, born 1980 in Philadelphia, graduated Penn Charter High School in 1998, and Columbia University in 2002.  Younger brother: Andrew.  Mike is a neurotic jew, a very urbane gentleman, he’s also literally, the most fun, most hilarious, most stylish, most up to date, most greatest nicest guy who has the sickest knowledge about sneakers you could possible imagine.  He appreciates the finer things, such as eating well, listening to good music, graphic design, architecture.  He’s encyclopedic in his knowledge of names and places and hip shit.  He’s a writer maintaining a strong, succinct mastery of the English language.  How’s that?” She was writing to her best friend, her compadre, the girl she had known since 7th grade, the girl that would be her future maid of honor.  They were 23 years old and fresh out of college.  A couple of weeks later, she wrote… Continue Reading

A Santa Monica Trinity Baptist Church wedding // Aimee and Blane

They say that opposites attract.  Like magnets they are drawn to one another – one half searching for the other to become whole. So little did he know that the pull had begun nearly 15 years ago when he saw her sitting there in the pew at church.  He’s a little bit country; she’s a little bit rock and roll.  Well, actually, she’s a little bit country; he’s a little bit hip hop.  But true to the adage, opposites do attract.  And even though they are totally opposing in so many things, they perfectly compliment each other.  He loves his iPhone.  She can’t part with her Blackberry.  He goes to Coffee Bean while she goes to Starbucks.  He likes Lebron; she a Kobe fan.  He’s a little funky, outgoing and talkative while, she tends to be more of a thinker – quiet and bookish. Constantly surprising her from impromptu proposals in Central Park to hoisting her up in front of the entire congregation for their first kiss as husband and wife (full satin ball gown and all), Blane is always trying to be one step ahead of his intuitive bride.  He helps her enjoy life and not take things so seriously.  While she helps him slow down to truly enjoy those moments.  So I guess Paula Abdul had it right – it ain’t fiction cuz opposites really do attract. Planning a Santa Monica Trinity Baptist Church wedding was easy for this antipode since Aimee had her sister, Julianna, along her side. Julianna and Josh’s wedding took place earlier this year so the two were able to plan their respective weddings side by side . The day turned out to be a bit gloomy but the clouds lended themselves well to Aimee’s love of pink.  She had chosen a beautiful shade of blush pink… Continue Reading

A Calliote Canyon wedding // Katie and Paul

ojai wedding photographer

They met at Berklee College of Music in the first week and started dating shortly after. Eight years later, it was time to plan the wedding. But planning a Calliote Canyon wedding  turned out to be more difficult than they had thought. The one thing that they both knew was that the wedding would be on June 21st. It was her parents 32nd wedding anniversary. It was her half birthday. It was Jani – a major Latvian holiday to celebrate the summer solstice – and he is Latvian. So the wedding would be a perfect celebration of family and friends coming together. Since music has played such a big role in their lives and in their love, music was integrated as much as possible into the Latvian midsummers eve theme. Paul’s brother’s girlfriend, Midori Sakano, designed all the save the dates, invitations and programs. Katie melted records into bowls for favors that doubled as decorations.  Katie’s sister cut and surged 75 napkins.  And with the help of friends, the yarn signs and yarn balls were completed and string lights were flown in from Christmas tress around the country. The Monday before the wedding, Katie and Paul got together with their family and closest friends to help them bake 12 pies for dessert.  It was 97˚ outside and when the ovens began to smoke, Operation Pie-Making had to be halted to cool and clean the ovens.  It was an all-day labor of love. During the wedding ceremony, Katie and Paul sang Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.  Since Paul is a drummer, he was incredibly nervous about forgetting the words, but with a little encouragement from Katie, it turned out to be a beautiful, heart-felt moment. Truly a wedding we will never forget. Continue Reading

A Smogg Shoppe wedding // Juliana and Josh

“Let’s go running”, he said to her on Christmas Day.  Since they liked to work out together, naturally she thought nothing of it.  On the way, he gave her a box.  It wasn’t a small box; it was a shoe box.  “New running shoes!” she thought this must be why he wanted to go jogging.  As they ran along the bike path on the beach, he pointed to a lifeguard tower.  Looking surprised he said, “Isn’t that Lifeguard Tower 44?” Four and a half years ago on the first night they spent with each other, he had suggested going to the beach to watch the world wake up since they had ended up talking all night long.  They had made their way to a random lifeguard tower (#44) and sat there until breakfast.  They hadn’t returned since. Looking at the tower, feeling nostalgic, she blurted “Oh cute!” He wanted to go over; she didn’t.  She was wearing her brand new running shoes and didn’t want to get them dirty.  He insisted.  Begrudgingly, she agreed.  But took off her new shoes.  After all, it was Christmas Day and she really shouldn’t argue. When they reached the tower, he spun her around, looked into her eyes and before he could utter one word, she knew… HE WAS PROPOSING!  “Are you serious!?” she exclaimed a dozen times while he patiently waited. Julianna came to us because of her sister, Aimee.  Aimee came to us because of her sister, Julianna.  Aimee will be getting married later this year in October and was first to book with us.  But when Josh surprised JJ with a proposal, Aimee came to us just days later to do a little reconnaissance on JJ’s behalf.  Aimee would be there every step of the way, through all of Josh’s spreadsheets and licensing research,… Continue Reading

A Bel Air Bay Club wedding // Michelle and David

Michelle and David’s Bel Air Bay Club wedding had an old Hollywood style theme. Her vision and inspiration was to make it look like a reunion party with a touch of Hollywood… complete with damask linens and favors, floating white tulips, a custom beer pong/flip cup table, custom ice luge, custom step and repeat, and a pink carpet with paparazzi style photographs of all the guests as they arrived. It had the feel of glamour, while being accessible, comfortable and fun for their guests. Our absolutely favorite part of their Bel Air Bay Club wedding was her dress by Kenneth Pool that was cut at the end of the night to reveal a new party style dress for the reception (and at 4 1/2 months pregnant she rocked that dress!) We also had a special guest wedding photographer with us… Brian Lima from Brian Lima Photography – who shot our destination wedding in Thailand! He also used to work with Dennis photographing weddings in his early days (this was pre-Jaime). He happened to be in town, so we thought it would be great to have him along to shoot with us like the old days.   Continue Reading

A Los Feliz wedding // Rachel and Justin

Rachel and Justin’s Los Feliz wedding was held at their beautiful home. Yes they had about a hundred people in their house for their wedding… and it was great! The original plan was for a Maui destination wedding but as time went by, the Hawaii destination wedding thing didn’t feel representative of them, so they did a 180 and decided to have it at home. Their modern, intimate wedding really did seem to fit with their friends and family and what better way to get to know family or friends you don’t currently know than by hitting the taco bar and discussing how hot you like your salsa! Not seeing their house until the day of the wedding, we had no idea what to expect and how well the event would go off logistically but when we got there, we realized that it was going to be great. Huge, modern, white, beautiful terraced garden out the back, it was a great wedding with good people. There was not a dry eye during the ceremony (including mine), and at the end, it was one of the most unique and special weddings we have ever shot… and totally them. Continue Reading

A Beverly Hills Hotel wedding // Sayeh and Avesta

Sayeh and Avesta’s Beverly Hills Hotel wedding was a huge celebration of 300 friends and family. Affectionately known as the ‘Pink Palace’, The Beverly Hills Hotel is famous for legendary service and legendary guests. The only problem with having legendary guests is, when they’re having one of their milestone birthday partys there (as was Dr. Phil on the day of Sayeh and Avesta’s wedding), photography inside the hotel is not allowed. That didn’t prevent us from finding plenty of gorgeous options for Los Angeles wedding photography on their day though, with some 12 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, The Beverly Hills Hotel offers plenty of breathing room. Although their Persian wedding took place on a toasty, Southern California afternoon, the design team transformed the outside garden area into a cool, wintery landscape with the aisle shrouded in white branches, adorned with long strings of crystal jewels. At the head of the aisle, was the most beautifully decorated Sofreh we’ve ever seen, complete with a lily pad. After the ceremony, guests were treated to an equally impressive dining experience with the room being similarly transformed into a cool, clean, floral explosion. Silver plates and glass tops reflected the incredible floral arrangements – some, created inside small segments of the trunks of white birch trees – giving the illusion of an infinitely expansive ballroom. Every detail was completely thought through and design of the event was one of the most elegant and perfectly executed we’d ever seen. These two definitely did not take their big day for granted and squeezed every last drop out of the incredible day which started in the early afternoon and was still going strong when we left at 1:30AM. Sunday we slept in. Continue Reading

A Rancho del Cielo wedding // Salina and Travis

A Rancho del Cielo wedding, set high in the hills above Malibu is the perfect choice for those looking for casual elegance, amazing views, and exclusive access. Salina and Travis are the kind of people that, if they like you, you are immediately treated like family. I have to assume they liked us because, from the moment we arrived, we felt like long lost cousins re-connecting at a great family reunion. The property itself greatly lends itself to this feeling of community through its design. It is located on the hills above Paradise Cove, with a spectacular ocean view, an acre of gardens, olive groves, oak trees, rustic trails and an old California cottage. Bridal preparations happened in the cottage with the ceremony taking place immediately adjacent in the shaded southern garden area. Salina and her father have the kind of relationship you hope to find every time you arrive at a wedding and there were countless moments throughout the day where one or the other was caught with tears in their eyes. Travis is the kind of guy you want to be your friend because you see the relationships he and his guys have and you know their friendships are deep. The warm afternoon faded into a balmy Southern California evening with family style plates served and all sorts of delicious and colorful meats and veggies passed around. The dance floor came alive at dusk under the warm glow of Rancho del Cielo’s perfectly arranged market lighting and we were shocked when the music stopped and we realized the evening was over. Sign of a great day and foreshadowing of a friendship in the making… Continue Reading

A Villa del Sol d’Oro wedding // Ashley and Willy

 Ashley and Willy’s beautiful Villa Del Sol D’Oro Wedding in Sierra Madre was held in their lush, Italian garden courtyard. The cool charm of the mediterranean-inspired villa and it’s grounds was the perfect place for Ashley and Willy to celebrate their love for each other with their family and friends. Planning a Los Angeles wedding in the summer, Ashley and Willy are an incredible great couple – two completely down to earth, real people with family that clearly love their kids to pieces. Dad even had his ownWe really love it when people let loose and have a great time at their wedding… that is what it is all about right? Ashley and Willy didn’t hold back one bit. Their wedding was full of family, fun, lots of dancing, and above all… love. Continue Reading