An Intimate Napa Wedding // Bethany and Brian

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Sometimes you speak with a client and just want to show them your cards, to beg them PLEASE let us shoot your wedding!  Bethany and Brian were those clients.  Bethany had the sweetest and most disarming voice you’ll ever hear when she described the plans for their Intimate Napa wedding and Brian just has this smile and demeanor that makes you want to hug him.  We knew straight away that they would be a good fit for us.

A marriage is not just a union between two people but a merging of families, and on this late afternoon in Napa,  Brian and his four boys welcomed Bethany into their lives whole-heartedly. The love, respect, and admiration between Bethany and her new boys was inspiring and had our viewfinders foggy, yet again again. Bethany is not one for a big fuss, so she found a simple dress that she had never worn in the back of her closet – it was pretty, and perfect for the occasions. A few months later, she found her self at a trunk show with a friend.  All proceeds from the show went to help children in need and, being that she works for a children’s charity… it was surely fate.  She bought the dress.  If my memory serves, I don’t even think she tried it on!  Bethany thought it might make for a great surprise if she kept this dress a secret, so she held out and didn’t tell a soul.  She invited her mom and sisters in to help her change, but when she walked onto the lawn for the ceremony, it was clear the secret had been kept and everyone was completely surprised. Bethany and Brian exchanged their own vows on the upper lawn as the boys stood around them, each a huge part in this new union. The evening finished with everyone sitting down for an exquisite food and wine pairing experience, together under the stars.  We drove off again, feeling so fortunate to have been there with this incredible couple on their beautiful wedding day.