A Spruce SF wedding // Sabrina and Jeremy

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San Francisco is such an enchanting city.  There’s really no other place like it in the US, with it’s urban-space-invasiveness broken up by public spaces, expansive parks, and the ocean and San Francisco Bay.  We’ve had some of the best times in the Bay area and met some incredible people here along the way.  Sabrina and Jeremy are two such people.  We first met Sabrina nearly 5 years ago through our very good friend Shannon but it wasn’t until several years later that we’d meet Jeremy.  At that time, several hundred miles of California coastline separated the two, but any weekend that was free, either Sabrina or Jeremy would hop in their car on Friday afternoon and bridge the distance.

A few years passed and we finally got to meet this guy we’d heard so much about.  Admittedly, we were a bit intimidated at first, but I think that’s pretty natural when you’ve heard so much about someone but only know them through another person’s accounts.  In addition he’s a pretty big guy and,  although I’m nearly 5’10”, in my head I only feel around  5’6″.  After we got over our nerves, we liked this guy straight-away. He listens intently and gives back a thoughtful perspective drawing from genuine wisdom and I know this because he left a teaching job in Santa Barbara not long after to move to San Francisco.  Sabrina’s a Pediatric ICU nurse and despite her intense and often heart-rending profession, she always greets you with a smile that will out-do most people’s best attempts at a hug.  The two love the outdoors and being active – as we experienced during their engagement session at Steep Ravine campground –  and suit each other perfectly. When Sabrina walked down the aisle at her Spruce SF wedding that Sunday afternoon in her father’s arms, it was just beautiful (and of course, so was Sabrina).  Jeremy dug deep, using all of his triathalon training, and did all he could to suck those tears back in and…pretty much succeeded.  It was an emotional day for us too, as we really love Sabrina and Jeremy and secretly waiting for this day to come. Two things you can depend upon us for at your wedding: 1). Jaime will always let her emotions get the better of her at one point or another. 2). If you do drink, we’ll always coerce you into taking a shot with us at the end of the night. Congratulations Sabrina and Jeremy!