The Vintage Estate Napa wedding // Molly and Nick

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While out with his friends at brunch, Nick saw Molly across the room and felt compelled to talk to her. Feeling compelled, and actually doing something about it are two different things with very different outcomes. We’re pleased to announce that Nick did do something about it when he approached Molly. Her response what not the one you prepare yourself for, but rather the one you’re hoping for; they arranged a date right then and there…and the rest is history!

The stormy winter of 2014/15 was historic in all the worst ways for many parts of this country. New York City had a particularly rough time of it, with one of the worst snowstorms in history, the coldest February for nearly 80 years, and a spring that was more gloomy than bloomy. Needless to say, Molly and Nick were long overdue for a bit of sunshine and some natural climate control in their lives. Breaking from their respective careers in fashion and finance, Molly and Nick headed to Napa Valley to meet up with friends and family for their spring wedding in wine country.

In planning the big day, Molly found inspiration in Tuscany, which to them “epitomizes spending time with those you love while enjoying great food and wine amidst a beautiful background”. The Pavillion at the Vintage Estate was a great fit for Nick and Molly’s vision. With it’s elegant landscaping, proximity to town, Mediterranean feel, and incredible food and wines, Vintage Inn provides an elegant Napa Valley experience at every level.

A marked contrast to the cold, gray palette of NYC in the winter, Molly put the winter solidly behind her and welcomed spring in her gorgeous, shimmering Zuhair Murad wedding gown.

It literally took one’s breathe away and in it, Molly radiated light.

Nick didn’t look to shabby either and, after a quick YouTube refresher tying a bowtie by a french man with an intimate understanding of haberdashery, he was ready to meet his Molly. From the moment Molly began walking down the aisle to the culmination of the ceremony, she described it all as “a bit of a whirlwind” and it’s understandable when two people who don’t particularly like to be the centers of attention become exactly that. In her bouquet, she carried a necklace that belonged to her late mother and Nick could hardly hold back his tears when she turned the corner and made her way down the aisle. The ceremony was perfect, the two exchanged vows and were married – making that decision to approach Molly at brunch the single best decision of his life.

Guests mingled on the lawn as cocktails were served up and Molly and Nick took photos with their family and friends. During the dinner service, toasts were made and the cutest was by Molly’s nephew Jack who welcomed Nick (or St. Nick as he calls him) to the family, comparing him to santa because he’s so jolly. Molly and Nick walked around visiting with all their guests and even got a bit spirited, acting out Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline with their college friends. A chill descended upon the valley at which point guests made their way to the cozy barrel room. Once there, they were treated to the music of the All-Star Juke Box band as the first dances took place. Hats of to Molly’s father for an incredible performance with his daughter, setting the bar pretty high for the rest of our season. After a bit of dancing and some cake, our day came to an end. Molly and Nick just love the heck out of each other and it was so nice to be there with them on that special day in beautiful Yountville.