A Hillsborough wedding // Josephine and Erick

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When Bodie woke up this morning, he knew it was going to be an extra special day. “There are strangers all over my house, setting up tables, chairs, and lighting where only months ago there, was just dirt!  Mom looks extra fancy, people everywhere are giving me treats, I have my special tuxedo tie on, and Bella’s here…and she’s wearing bling!” Everyone was getting ready for their black tie, classy Hillsborough wedding.

Only months before, Josephine and Erick’s new home looked quite different. The two put a lot of love and hard work into transforming the outside of their beautiful home from a glorified sandbox into an elegant wedding venue.   With the help of Yelena Johnson, their efforts were a success and set a wonderfully intimate tone for the day.  As the sun dipped behind the Santa Cruz mountains,  dinner began and guests found their seats at one of two, 24-foot long farm-style tables.  They were then treated to gorgeous local cuisine and wines under the warm light of overhead chandeliers.  A very classy affair, made even more so by the fact that it all took place in the comfort of their own home. Bodie and Bella’s day ended a bit prematurely – midway through the ceremony, the duties of ring bearer and flower girl all became too much to handle – and the two passed out  in each other’s paws.