A Meadowood Napa wedding // Katie and Gordon

Meadowood napa valley wedding

Katie and Gordon's Meadowood Napa wedding was held under an intense late summer sun.  With a strong contingency of friends and family traveling from the east coast to share their wedding day with them, Katie and Gordon's day was full of love, an INCREDIBLE amount of laughter, and a few tears courtesy of Gordon. Remembering back to how I felt on our own wedding day - and how intense it was the first time I saw Jaime - I can identify strongly with grooms as they process this emotionally intense moment.  Add to the mix an extremely hot and uncharacteristically humid day then, put yourself in front of a hundred or so family and friends and...well...I think letting go and just balling your eyes out is the perfect response.

As the sun sank behind the behind the Mayacamas mountains, Gordon took the microphone to thank everyone and to celebrate his new wife, at which time Katie took the opportunity to leave a few tears of her own behind. Their beautiful Meadowood Napa wedding night culminated in dance floor madness and at the end of it all, Katie and Gordon were still going strong like a couple of crazy teenagers in love.