An Anvil Vineyard wedding // Isabel and Joseph

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Isabel and Joseph had an Anvil Vineyard wedding deep in the hills of Sonoma county at a place with deep historical significance for Joseph’s family.  Even before Joseph was born, his family would visit Anvil Ranch to escape the hectic pace of city life and reconnect with nature for family getaways.  After Joseph was born the tradition continued, and on this day, it culminated in the reunion of not only their family, but the joining of two families at this beautiful place.

The drive up Dry Creek Valley from Healdsburg is a windy one; meandering through a sea of grapevines at first, then twisting and turning up through stands of madrone trees and all varieties of giant oaks, passing above Lake Sonoma and then…yep…more oak trees until about 45 minutes after you’ve left your nearest township, you arrive at your destination.  Hardy and I arrived and I went to inspect the “circle of nature”, a beautiful clearing in the trees where the ceremony was to be held and Hardy had a closer look at the Ranch’s disk-golf course.  The property is 13,000 acres – although only a small portion has been built upon – but I can only imagine what great adventures Joseph and his family must’ve had exploring as a child.

The day in its entirety was incredibly relaxed and the couple and their families put heaps of themselves into personalizing the day.  The ceremony site couldn’t have been more peaceful with the sound of only the breeze through the pine boughs as the couple exchanged vows and walked down the aisle hand-in-hand in the presence of their closest friends and family.  I know it may sound cliche but it truly was a simply perfect day.