A Hermitage Inn wedding // Robyn and Scott

hermitage inn wedding

For days, the ominous clouds had been lurking above, as if to taunt her on her most important day.  Perhaps it was her couture gray colored wedding gown that brought the clouds.  After all, he didn't know about it yet and is very traditional.  Irene had formed yesterday and was heading straight for them.  The rains had begun and everyone was fearful the entire place would be flooded out.  She has always been a nature girl so she looked out the window and began to think back... They had gone on their typical hike and nothing was unusual that day.  At the end of their hike, he turned to her and suggested they meditate, which sometimes they do, so it wasn't that weird.  "How about we do a standing meditation this time?" he asked.  A little strange, but she thought nothing of it.  This way he could kneel down beside her and slip the ring out of his pocket without her asking a million questions before he could ask the question. He moved mountains that day to pull off that surprise, which is hard to do since she knows just about everything all the time. Like knowing since the day she had met him that he was going to be the person she would marry.  Just then, she opened her eyes and the rain began to stop.

The skies parted just long enough that day for our Vermont wedding photography with a little sunshine.  Although the rain didn't hold off for the whole evening, by the time it started again, the party was going strong under safe cover.  Weather can certainly damper a party and ruin months of planning, but Robyn came prepared.  She didn't get to wear her Loeffler Randall bridal booties, but she rocked her rain wellies and looked amazing. Staying true to the nature girl that she is, Robyn had all her bridesmaids wear dresses in earth tones, while her wedding gown was the perfect shade of gray to make her look just like an ethereal goddess.    The entire wedding took place at the rustic Hermitage Inn in Vermont, and it was the perfect venue to provide a low-impact, environmentally friendly wedding.  By the end of the night, the two felt so much in love that the weather didn't matter a bit.

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