A Puerto Rico destination wedding // Celina and Mike

Puerto Rico destination wedding

Celina and Mike currently live in San Diego, but have travelled all over the world, picking up friends along the way. So when it was time to plan their wedding, they knew straight away that they wanted to do a Puerto Rico destination wedding where their friends and family could have awesome adventures and a relaxing vacation at the same time. And boy did they pick a fantastic place. Rincon, is located in the western coastal valley of Puerto Rico and is known for its sandy beaches, great waves, and laid back surfing atmosphere. To add to the awesomeness of it all, I think they might have picked the best house on the whole island for the occasion.

Villa Tres Palamas is a wedding venue / rental home smack dab on the beach. You really couldn't get a more beautiful spot than this. Overlooking the actual surf spot of Tres Palmas, the beach is incredibly inviting with golden sand and snorkeling right out the door! The festivities started about a week before the actual wedding day... all the guest stayed either in the villa itself or at houses with in walking distance. Guests mingled, ate some fantastic food in the charming town of Rincon, did pool tours at all the houses, explored the surrounding areas and took long walks on the beach. By the time the wedding day came around, everyone was well relaxed and ready for the festivities. The wedding day started with huge black clouds in the sky and Celina hoping the rain would hold off. Luckily, it did and there were only a few spits of rain throughout the day. During the ceremony huge sun beams were streaming through the clouds and you could hear the waves crashing on the beach. You can't get much more romantic than that. After they made it official, we took a walk on the beach with some bubbles to get our feet wet and sandy. We were then treated to a gorgeous sunset and a delicious buffet made by Ceina's good friend and resident foodie, Alison. The rest of the night was filled with music, cocktails, frisbee, dancing and some late night swimming. Relaxing wed-cation by the beach - I think they nailed it!


 PHOTOGRAPHY: Viera Photographics   |   EVENT DESIGN: Rincon Events   |   EVENT COORDINATOR: Rincon Events   |   FLORIST: Rincon Events   |   CATERER: Rincon Events   |   MAKEUP: Mary-Kate Gales   |   HAIR: Mary-Kate Gales   |   MUSIC: DJ Turbo Ceez   |   OFFICIANT: Reverend Gregorio Ruiz Moreno   |   CEREMONY: Villa Tres Palmas   |   RECEPTION: Villa Tres Palmas   |   
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