An intimate Bel Air Bay Club wedding // Danika and Nicolas

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Looking over the selection of blog images from Nick and Danika’s intimate Bel Air Bay Club wedding again and again…well, this song just kept popping into my head –  “I’m So in Love With You” by the Techniques.

It’s no secret that we’re purveyors of quality emotion and on this fine, February afternoon…we hit the jackpot. Now is a good time to click the link above and play the song in the background for maximum effect. Danika and Nick are ridiculously in love;  they dig each other, get each other, are mad about each other…they love each other  SO  much that they got lost in each other’s presence nearly every time they got within arms reach on the day of their wedding.  At times, it felt as if they were the only two people at the Bel Air Bay Club, and this deep, genuine, infectious, adoration for each other was inspirational as well as contagious. As individuals, the two have incredibly stressful careers;  Danika is an entertainment lawyer and Nick, a surgeon.  As a couple, the two are perfectly graceful and connected on so many levels –  old souls that were always meant to be together. Tears of joy are the best kind, and we all left with salty cheeks that night.