The Club at Las Campanas wedding // Braiden and Tom

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Braiden and Tom’s Las Campanas wedding was a destination wedding planned completely by Braiden’s mother, Mara. She carried out Braiden’s vision of a Ralph Lauren inspired, shabby-chic wedding day theme perfectly. It was no easy feat planning this destination wedding from afar and virtually transforming the equestrian centre into a ceremony site and dining hall. In the stables there were (some extremely valuable) horses that would occasionally peek their heads over to check everything out, which added to the luxurious ambience of the wedding day. The whole wedding flowed nicely from one event to the next as guests moved from the equestrian center to cocktails at an adjacent Log Cabin, back to the stables for dinner, and dancing in the clubhouse. We often wonder what our couples are thinking as they kiss in front of so many people, just as the day’s emotions are peaking and Braiden calmly replied that it felt completely natural and nerves never crossed their minds.  We imagine it might be hard remaining present on your wedding day with all these events and thoughts swirling around your head, so for the two to get lost in each other at that moment is a testament to their relationship. The day was wild-west elegance at it’s finest and more than any memory we took away with us, it was FUN!  Just how fun?  Well look at Tom in the last photo and you get the picture.

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