A Charles Krug Winery wedding // Tyrus and Greg

charles krug wedding

As the guests began to arrive on a sunny Napa day for Tyrus and Greg's Charles Krug Winery wedding, they were handed the play book. Knowing they were in a for something very different from the normal wedding ceremony, anticipation grew heavy as the actors hit the stage. The play begun with a monolog narrated by genius actor Sir Finneas Oscarelus Pembroke - played by the certifiably talented Justin Sayre who also wrote the play and performed the duties of officiant.  Sir Finneas set the tone of a company of washed up self important actors going along with the motions of yet another production they knew little about. Tyrus and Greg were wrangled onto the set of this play in rehearsal as "extras", which equates to roughly the same stature of an untouchable amongst the actors of the company. The performance was incredibly humorous throughout; clever, and often edgy. In the end as the outer shell of the parent play broke away, Sir Pembroke dismissed the cast, and brought up the "extras" who exchanged their actual vows, fought back tears, were married, and bowed before exiting (literally) stage right. As the performance concluded, guests are invited to the 2nd floor of the Carriage House where they were greeted with a red carpet and a step and repeat. As red wine and appetizers were passed, the couple danced their first dance together - an unforgettable ballroom routine led by Greg and followed wonderfully by Tyrus.  As the evening set in, dinner was served in the barrel room with an endless variety of incredibly photogenic and mouth-watering options - from an heirloom tomato and mozzarella slicing station to steamed buns to sliders of all shapes and sizes. The food and wine represented the best of the best of what California agriculture and viticulture have to offer and tied together a wonderfully unique day. After some incredibly heartfelt speeches, with full bellies the guests danced the night away under towering Oak tress and a gentle Napa breeze. I think everyone would agree, Greg and Tyrus hit it out of the park with this one!

Presenting: Showbusiness: The Wedding http://vimeo.com/103249680