An Athenaeum wedding // Maren and Chris

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 Maren and Chris’ Athenaeum wedding at Cal Tech in Pasedena was full of personal design touches. As Maren is a graphic designer, many of projects were created by her. The list of her DIY projects is long… and includes the custom chalkboard signage, the invitation suite, the menus, the custom place cards, the “Wish you were here” banner, the napkins, the wine cork sign in book, and much much more. Though Maren thought she would be stressed on her wedding day, she was perfectly relaxed and soaked in the experience of marrying her best friend. The ceremony was emotional and beautiful – Chris was so overflowing with excitement that he tried to kiss Maren twice, to which the pastor replied “Save the rest for later!”. The reception included several songs sung by Maren’s sister and an extremely lively DJ crew who had the crowed dancing the whole time! As a testament to Maren and Chris’ love for their family and friends, they made it a point to visit with every single one of their 200 guests. The night ended in a Chinese lantern release, which had wishes for the bride and groom written on them by their favorite people.

Maren was browsing an online dating site and noticed this cute, sweet Asian guy by the name of Chris. She thought she was over her “Asian Phase”, but set up a date anyway. As fate would have it, two dates in a row were cancelled due to food poisoning. They persevered, however, and when they finally met for dinner, they shut the place down. Their conversations flowed easily and naturally. They had many things in common including their love and devotion to their family and their dedication to living their lives with a strong Christian faith. They are both extremely nice easy going people and our favorite thing about them is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They are both really goofy and just love to enjoy life and laugh!