A de Young Museum wedding // Kevin and Chris

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Kevin and Chris’ De Young museum wedding took place in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park. The architecture of the DeYoung is magnificient and the ceremony site was that of stark contrasts. The ceremony took place in the serenity of the sculpture garden, framed in the background by the massively cantilevered steel roof of the museum. Kevin being an illustrator (most notable for his cover art in the Marvel series, “She Hulk”) he brings two dimensional images to life for a living. This larger-than-life architectural backdrop; a bit like Mad Max meets Alice in Wonderland, seemed apropos for this special occasion. As your friends often know you better than you know yourselves… why not have them officiate your wedding? The co-officiants, Eric and Scott took anecdotal stories from the past and infused them with just the right amount of fiction to keep the crowd completely engaged and glowing.

Eric: Welcome to the greatest wedding of all time. Again, I am Eric.

Scott: I’m Scott.

Eric: Kevin and Chris asked us to co-officiate their wedding ceremony as a reflection of them as individuals. To represent them. Spiritually and emotionally.

Scott: Even physically.

Eric: Yes. It’s like Kevin and Chris asked the question, “Do we have people in our lives that kind of look like us, only better looking, taller, and funnier?”

Scott: I don’t think they found them yet. Eric: I never noticed but you do look like Kevin.

Scott: We’re like bizarro them!

[this couple is blessed with some truly awesome pals]

In complementary wool suits – earthtone in color – the two faced each other and their audience as the last of the processional, their cuddle-bug chocolate lab Temko, made his way down the aisle with the all-important wedding bands. As a couple, standing up in front of 180 of your closest friends and family as you open your hearts to one another can seem daunting, but again, their officiants’ disarming and hilarious banter throughout added just the right amount of comedic value to ease the nerves. After a light-hearted welcome, it was time for the couple to exchange vows and they poured their hearts out and Eric and Scott rounded out their marital duties.

Eric: Chris, Kevin, it is one of our greatest honors to send you forth into your life together. We now pronounce you married.

Scott: Make it so!

And with an embrace and a kiss, they indeed, made it official…and the roar of applause and whoots and “yeah’s!” rolled to the edges of that vast space and bounced back to greet them as they walked together hand in hand. After the ceremony, guests made their way to cocktail hour in the Hamon Observation Tower, a massive steampunk-styled trojan horse of a structure that overlooks the city in every direction. Guests enjoyed music from the San Francisco Music Conservatory, hors d’oeuvres, and some spirited conversations, all set amongst the backdrop of a city in twilight. Following the cocktail reception, guests headed back down to the museum’s Wilsey Court where the space had been transformed into a dining room awash with an otherworldly green glow from the centerpiece of the room, Gerhard Richter’s Strontium (2005), a large scale mural comprised of 130 digital prints. Kevin lent his illustration skills to the decor, personalizing each table with a unique and clever marker. Once dinner had been served, speeches followed and evoked the full spectrum of emotions. I can’t think of any better way to recompose after an emotional round of speeches than hitting the handmade ice cream sundae bar and off to the dance floor. As tables cleared and the dance floor filled, the dj strung together creative mixes of classic house tunes and current pop hits and ended the night – as every wedding night should – rocking.

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