A Carneros Inn wedding // Rachel and Chris

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Chris and Rachel scored a particularly gorgeous day with no rain, a perfect stillness to the air, and lovely light for their Carneros Inn wedding in Napa. The sun poked it’s way through the high overcast to illuminate Rachel as she stood at the far end of the aisle, doing her best to catch her breath before walking past a sea of friends and family to meet the man she came here to marry. At the opposite end of the aisle, Chris looked as giddy as a schoolboy that was just given the job of clapping the erasers all week and his expressive face couldn’t hold back the pure joy he was feeling. We knew Chris and Rachel’s wedding was going to be good because the few, simple elements were all in place: we like them, they like us, they REALLY love each other, and they’re crazy about their family and friends. Simple and perfect!

I think Rachel and Chris were truly waiting their whole life to find each other. You often hear of people finding their partners when they really, TRULY, seriously, were not looking, and I think finding a partner before 6AM while engaging in intense cardio with sweat dripping from your nose, definitely ranks as a time you’re probably “not looking”.  Well, looking or not, the moment happened, and at this pre-dawn spin class, the wait was over. .. a little sweat was no match for fate.