A Meadowood Napa Wedding

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The story of V&F’s Meadowood Napa wedding begins many years ago at math camp when V, from Alabama and F, from Texas, sat down to crunch some numbers. Somewhere between

9x-7i > 3(3x-7u) =

…and lunch, a connection formed. Ok, so maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way, but I’d like to think it did. They say that you find true love when you’re least looking for it, and I’m certain that was the case this time. 🙂 Fast forward to the present day and this love has only grown… these two simply adore each other. F calls V his star and is besotted with her, as is she with him. Leaving behind the cold, damp spring weather in New York City, the couple arrived to azure blue spring skies, green hills, and blooming Dogwood trees. From the ceremony at the Holy Family Mission in Napa and back to the Vinter’s Glen at Meadowood, the hot afternoon transitioned into a warm, spring evening. While we were enjoying ourselves as Napa wedding photographers, guests enjoyed craft cocktails, made new friends, and wrote personal messages in their fine art sign in book. Daylights’ departure signaled the beginning of the starlit dinner service. Joined by family and friends from their alma maters – Stanford and Harvard – they were luminous, full of joy, and completely in the moment, enjoying every bit of their beautiful day. As speeches led to dancing, and dancing led where it always leads…an appetite for cake, V & F gave an appreciation speech acknowledging the love and support of all who had travelled to be there. Again, a day full of love that seemed to be over too soon! ** The answer to the problem above is i <3 u (i love you)