Sonoma wedding photography // Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen

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Lauren and Seth's Kunde wedding was a big tipping point in our decision to leave San Diego to pursue our passion as Sonoma wedding photographers.  With crisp, clear nights and hot dry days, dense redwood forests and endless fields of ryegrass punctuated by towering Valley Oaks, there's a balance of contrasts up here that really appealed to us, and must be what draw so many people to the valleys, vineyards, and redwood forests year after year.  We love life up here and there's nothing better than good people coming into town and leaving a bit of their hearts behind. Seth and Lauren's day was all about family love and having the most fun you could possibly have on your wedding day. The day's events were seamlessly orchestrated by the team at Alison Events, who brought a luxurious and whimsical afternoon tea-party feel to the day's progressive events. Guests were chauffeured to the ceremony site atop Boot Hill and served lemonade as they took shade under the majestic Oak trees and awaited the family's arrival.  After the ceremony, the bride and groom paraded away, leading a New Orleans jazz band and the wedding party as guests congregated around tree bar for cocktails and appetizers, received their seating assignments, and enjoyed signature cocktails. As the afternoon light faded, the party moved to the ruins of a pre-19th century winery for dinner, speeches, some amazing performances, dancing, a flash-mob organized by the Rogen family where everyone sang and performed to Carl Douglas' Kung Fu Fighting...and to top it off, and arcade tent that opened after dinner.  Lauren and Seth are truly good people, and any pre-wedding jitters we may have had disappeared as soon as we arrived and began shooting.  No matter who you may be or what your role is in the world, when your wedding day arrives, you're just a couple of crazy kids in love with each other and out to have the best day ever and that's exactly what went down that Sunday afternoon in October.

Seth and Lauren recently established the Hilarity for Charity Fund as part of the National Alzheimer’s Association, through which monies raised will be directed to help families struggling with Alzheimer’s care, increase support groups nationwide, and fund cutting edge research. Lauren's long time involvement in the community and Seth's creative wit have joined forces to create this light-hearted and approachable platform from which to educate people about the disease.  They're using their gifts to spread the message to college campuses across the country and have taken their message all the way to Washington...where humor is apparently a new concept.  Look out for their next HFC event, coming to a town near you.