A Belmond El Encanto Wedding // Ashley and Patrick

bride and groom at Belmond El Encanto wedding

Ashley and Patrick's Belmond El Encanto wedding continues a family tradition that spans four generations of life and love in the Santa Barbara community. Back when her grandparents tied the knot at Belmond El Encanto, the venue had few neighbors and the hills were sparsely populated, yet this "American Riviera" as was being marketed, was just as enchanting as it is today. Patrick and Ashley's classic Santa Barbara wedding brought together multiple generations, new friends, and extended families in a community they have given so much to. Ashley's parents founded the UC Santa Barbara Koegel Autism Center and there is no end in site to their family legacy as the bride and groom work in Pediatric Oncology and Internal Medicine, respectively. So, in addition to being a ridiculously gorgeous couple, they also have the intelligence and compassion to make a difference in our world...and we think that's worth celebrating!

 About the couple

How we met

We went to medical school together at Stanford (with with Adriana and Ro!) and became best friends. We bonded over our love for Southern California, music, snowboarding, and our families... we began dating shortly after that. We traveled to Boston together for residency and have been living there for 3 years now before we return to San Francisco to work at UCSF next year.

Most important for your day

My dream is for all of the people that we love and care about to be in the same place at the same time to celebrate our love.

Describe the day and any important details

The wedding day was perfect, weather-wise with cobalt blue skies and a sea breeze that seemed to show up at just the right times. The ceremony took place around the Belmond El Encanto's arbor and lily pond in the presence of family, friends...and a few turtles. Ashley's bridesmaid performed a reading and their close friend sang a song accompanied by one of Patricks' groomsmen. The couple decided on doing a first look to maximize time spent with friends at cocktail hour and they welcomed everyone into the reception with a receiving line. Ashley's grandpa owned a jewelry shop so the rings were custom designed and all other pieces worn were part of her families collection.

How did you choose Belmond El Encanto as your venue?

It's a family tradition!

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