A Smog Shoppe wedding // Logan and Mike

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On a cold, unassuming winter day in Los Angeles, at Logan and Mike’s Smog Shoppe wedding we heard one of the best speeches a Los Angeles wedding photographer could hear.

According to Jessica, Logan’s bridesmaid, she found herself wanting to turn the tables and NOT talk about the Logan she had always known and loved, but instead about the moments that Mike Weiss entered her life and changed it forever.

“”What I have, it turns out, is something that Logan has mocked me for for years: a homtail account that I opened in 2001 and still use.  And let me tell you, it is a gold mine.  … I found these emails in a folder entitled “first semester: real life”, the first months when we made the transition from college students to working adults. On August 6th, 2003 at 7:49 am Pacific Standard Time, you wrote: “… but let’s get to what you really care about…. Michael Lawrence Weiss, born 1980 in Philadelphia, graduated Penn Charter High School in 1998, and Columbia University in 2002.  Younger brother: Andrew.  Mike is a neurotic jew, a very urbane gentleman, he’s also literally, the most fun, most hilarious, most stylish, most up to date, most greatest nicest guy who has the sickest knowledge about sneakers you could possible imagine.  He appreciates the finer things, such as eating well, listening to good music, graphic design, architecture.  He’s encyclopedic in his knowledge of names and places and hip shit.  He’s a writer maintaining a strong, succinct mastery of the English language.  How’s that?” She was writing to her best friend, her compadre, the girl she had known since 7th grade, the girl that would be her future maid of honor.  They were 23 years old and fresh out of college.  A couple of weeks later, she wrote again.  August 22nd, 2003: “… my roommate is my boyfriend.  I mean, my boyfriend, Mike, is my roommate.  He’s also my boyfriend.  And my roommate.  And the best, I just got an email from him, because a little message just popped up saying I have a new email from Michael Lawrence Weiss.  He’s the best thing that could have happened to me.  I swear.  He tells me I’m beautiful 6 times a day.  He’s so BLEEPING great.  You all would flip your shit.  He’s so smart and stylish and I just think he’s gorgeous and hilarious and a real gentleman and passionate and a brilliant writer.  Swoon.  Me and Mike.  Anyway, I need to shower.  I’m sweaty and in spandex.”

We are so happy that Jessica, Logan, Mike, their families and the rest of their friends, chose to share all of these moments with us.  So I will leave you with Jessica’s final words from their wedding day that sum up how we all feel about them now as well….

“Friends are our greatest keepers of memories, homtail account or not, we have the privilege of watching each other grow and change and learn and fall in love and start families.  I couldn’t be happier for you today.  … we are all lucky to have both of you in all our lives and have no doubt your future will be filled with lots and lots and lots of fun, good food, good friends and love.”