An Oceancliff Hotel wedding // Lisa and Jason

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When we got the call from Lisa and Jason’s Oceancliff Hotel wedding, I got wicked excited.  This would be our first wedding in my home town of Newport, RI!

As a special treat for us and our bride and groom, we invited our old pal and my original photo-partner-in-crime, Brian Lima to shoot with us.  Brian is an awesome photographer (who actually photographed our wedding) and he added a nice third-party perspective through the lens as well as giving us laughs all day.

Lisa and Jason came down from Massachusetts full of East Coast spirit and Jaime got a real kick out of the strong accents.  Lisa and Jason had heaps of fun and were such good sports all day.  We headed to the Elms mansion where we had a bit of time to cruise around the grounds and their garden but I could’ve spent a full day there easily.