A Calliote Canyon wedding // Katie and Paul

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They met at Berklee College of Music in the first week and started dating shortly after. Eight years later, it was time to plan the wedding. But planning a Calliote Canyon wedding  turned out to be more difficult than they had thought. The one thing that they both knew was that the wedding would be on June 21st. It was her parents 32nd wedding anniversary. It was her half birthday. It was Jani – a major Latvian holiday to celebrate the summer solstice – and he is Latvian. So the wedding would be a perfect celebration of family and friends coming together. Since music has played such a big role in their lives and in their love, music was integrated as much as possible into the Latvian midsummers eve theme. Paul’s brother’s girlfriend, Midori Sakano, designed all the save the dates, invitations and programs. Katie melted records into bowls for favors that doubled as decorations.  Katie’s sister cut and surged 75 napkins.  And with the help of friends, the yarn signs and yarn balls were completed and string lights were flown in from Christmas tress around the country. The Monday before the wedding, Katie and Paul got together with their family and closest friends to help them bake 12 pies for dessert.  It was 97˚ outside and when the ovens began to smoke, Operation Pie-Making had to be halted to cool and clean the ovens.  It was an all-day labor of love.

During the wedding ceremony, Katie and Paul sang Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.  Since Paul is a drummer, he was incredibly nervous about forgetting the words, but with a little encouragement from Katie, it turned out to be a beautiful, heart-felt moment. Truly a wedding we will never forget.