A Northstar Tahoe wedding // Christina and Karl

Christina and Karl’s Northstar Tahoe wedding was held in the deep of the winter. While planning their wedding, Karl’s vision of getting married was to have a casual affair. He wanted the celebrations to take place in the middle of the forest in a hunting lodge with everyone decked out in furs, standing by the fire – and they would just throw down their goblets and declare themselves wed! Christina had a slightly different version, but ran with the hunting lodge, fur, and woods idea. Together with her wedding coordinator they created a modern Kelly Wearstler in-the-woods type feel; with lots of black and white elements. Their Northstar Tahoe wedding ceremony held in the middle of a snow covered aspen grove, complete with roasted chestnuts, firepits and a good old fashioned log sawing. Christina wore Pricilla of Boston with a vintage fur coat. The reception was held at Baxter’s at Northstar and decorated in a Miss Havisham (from the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations) meets Tahoe hunting lodge. A winter celebration to be remembered!