Napa, Sonoma's neighbor just to the east, needs no introduction and began cultivating its reputation as a world class epicurean destination back in the 70’s. It is a well renowned luxury wedding destination and continues to refine the experience for its visitors today. Napa Valley has a little bit of everything and caters to a wide range of visitors; from the expanding downtown waterfront alongside the Napa river with its convenient access and ample amenities to mineral baths, legendary food and wine, gold-rush-era history, and the irresistible charm of Calistoga in the northern part of the county. If you're looking for a Napa Wedding Photographer, we offer years of experience gained from living in the region. If a destination wine country wedding is what you're planning, we might even be able to make some suggestions to help you finalize some long-distance and oftentimes nerve-wracking decisions such as wedding florists or wedding caterers that we've grown to love working with over the years. 

A favorite Napa wedding venue of ours is Meadowood Napa Valley, a luxurious wedding venue that offers unmatched service, world class food and wines, and beautiful grounds for gorgeous Napa wedding photography. For a classic Napa Valley wedding, the town of Yountville offers everything in one convenient town. The Vintage Inn and adjacent Villagio Inn and Spa offer wedding guest accommodation, a wedding ceremony site as well as a barrel room reception site’re just a short walk from Thomas Keller’s mythical dining experience, the French Laundry.

Sonoma-Napa wine country is truly a 4-season resort area with so much more to offer than just vineyards and tasting rooms and each season offers it’s own unique charm. With endless locations to explore, wonderful service, friendly locals, and world class food and wine, it’s no surprise that we host around 4,500 weddings here annually. We feel very lucky to be Sonoma and Napa’s best photojournalistic wedding photographers.

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Viera Photographics is a husband and wife wedding photography team located in Sonoma, California. They specialize in telling stories through their style of wedding photojournalism and candid documentary wedding photography. In business since 2005 they are considered to be one of the top high-end wedding photographers. Their unique wedding photographic style emphasizes stylish storytelling with raw emotion. They bring impeccable and unmatched customer service on every level.

Jaime, Dennis and their team are available worldwide with no travel fees. They travel often photographing weddings all over the world. Some of their top destinations are: Napa, San Francisco, Tahoe, Big Sur, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, New York, Newport, Rhode Island, Vermont, Mexico, and Hawaii.

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Featured Napa weddings

A Charles Krug Winery wedding // Tyrus and Greg

Charles Krug winery wedding

As the guests began to arrive on a sunny Napa day for Tyrus and Greg’s Charles Krug Winery wedding, they were handed the play book. Knowing they were in a for something very different from the normal wedding ceremony, anticipation grew heavy as the actors hit the stage. The play begun with a monolog narrated by genius actor Sir Finneas Oscarelus Pembroke – played by the certifiably talented Justin Sayre who also wrote the play and performed the duties of officiant.  Sir Finneas set the tone of a company of washed up self important actors going along with the motions of yet another production they knew little about. Tyrus and Greg were wrangled onto the set of this play in rehearsal as “extras”, which equates to roughly the same stature of an untouchable amongst the actors of the company. The performance was incredibly humorous throughout; clever, and often edgy. In the end as the outer shell of the parent play broke away, Sir Pembroke dismissed the cast, and brought up the “extras” who exchanged their actual vows, fought back tears, were married, and bowed before exiting (literally) stage right. As the performance concluded, guests are invited to the 2nd floor of the Carriage House where they were greeted with a red carpet and a step and repeat. As red wine and appetizers were passed, the couple danced their first dance together – an unforgettable ballroom routine led by Greg and followed wonderfully by Tyrus.  As the evening set in, dinner was served in the barrel room with an endless variety of incredibly photogenic and mouth-watering options – from an heirloom tomato and mozzarella slicing station to steamed buns to sliders of all shapes and sizes. The food and wine represented the best of the best of what California agriculture and viticulture have to offer and tied together a wonderfully unique day. After some incredibly heartfelt speeches, with full bellies the guests danced the night away under towering Oak tress and a… Continue Reading

A Carneros Inn wedding // Rachel and Chris

Chris and Rachel scored a particularly gorgeous day with no rain, a perfect stillness to the air, and lovely light for their Carneros Inn wedding in Napa. The sun poked it’s way through the high overcast to illuminate Rachel as she stood at the far end of the aisle, doing her best to catch her breath before walking past a sea of friends and family to meet the man she came here to marry. At the opposite end of the aisle, Chris looked as giddy as a schoolboy that was just given the job of clapping the erasers all week and his expressive face couldn’t hold back the pure joy he was feeling. We knew Chris and Rachel’s wedding was going to be good because the few, simple elements were all in place: we like them, they like us, they REALLY love each other, and they’re crazy about their family and friends. Simple and perfect! I think Rachel and Chris were truly waiting their whole life to find each other. You often hear of people finding their partners when they really, TRULY, seriously, were not looking, and I think finding a partner before 6AM while engaging in intense cardio with sweat dripping from your nose, definitely ranks as a time you’re probably “not looking”.  Well, looking or not, the moment happened, and at this pre-dawn spin class, the wait was over. .. a little sweat was no match for fate. Continue Reading

A Meadowood Napa wedding // Katie and Gordon

Meadowood Resort Napa Valley Wedding. Designed by Scott Corridan

Katie and Gordon’s Meadowood Napa wedding was held under an intense late summer sun.  With a strong contingency of friends and family traveling from the east coast to share their wedding day with them, Katie and Gordon’s day was full of love, an INCREDIBLE amount of laughter, and a few tears courtesy of Gordon. Remembering back to how I felt on our own wedding day – and how intense it was the first time I saw Jaime – I can identify strongly with grooms as they process this emotionally intense moment.  Add to the mix an extremely hot and uncharacteristically humid day then, put yourself in front of a hundred or so family and friends and…well…I think letting go and just balling your eyes out is the perfect response. As the sun sank behind the behind the Mayacamas mountains, Gordon took the microphone to thank everyone and to celebrate his new wife, at which time Katie took the opportunity to leave a few tears of her own behind. Their beautiful Meadowood Napa wedding night culminated in dance floor madness and at the end of it all, Katie and Gordon were still going strong like a couple of crazy teenagers in love. All Continue Reading

A Tre Posti Wedding // Alex and Brian

Tre Posti wedding

Alex and Brian’s Tre Posti wedding in the heart of Napa Valley was a picture postcard wine country wedding.  The couple got ready separately on the property, surrounded by their supportive wedding party and family, ready to help with any task. They opted for a first look, in Tre Posti’s lush garden area and as Alex emerged from the Villa, neither could hold back the tears as they held on to each other and let the enormity of the day sink in.  Their ceremony was framed in the shadow of the majestic Mayacamas mountains and surrounded by lush green vineyards. And though the couple had already seen each other, Brian could not hold back his tears as he saw his bride come down the aisle with her father by her side. The couple chose to keep the ceremony brief and after they emerged as husband and wife, they took a moment by themselves to read their private vows to each other. And if the official ceremony wasn’t emotional enough, seeing these two share such an intimate moment together was truly touching.  Now husband and wife, the couple, hand in hand, with smiles on their faces, strolled into Tre Posti’s garden area to share and celebrate with their friends and family for cocktail hour. A fitting compliment to their black tie theme, surrounded by guests, the couple led a toast by joining hands and pouring champagne into a cascading tower of flutes.  The reception took place in the Italian-inspired terrazza while the guests enjoyed The Girl and the Figs delicious Napa cuisine. The speeches ran the full spectrum from tear jerking to hilarious and the feeling of love in the room was palatable. The party moved to Tre Posti’s harvest room for late evening dancing and festivities while the live band keep… Continue Reading

A Domaine Chandon Wedding // Liz and Ryan

Liz and Ryan’s Domaine Chandon wedding began on a perfectly calm, spring day in the town of Napa. The girls were sipping mini bottles of Chandon and listening to music in a cute little vacation rental as they prepped for the day and awaited the arrival of the boys. Liz and Ryan are great people with two highly contagious smiles and the loving atmosphere of their wedding day was off the charts, which makes our job as Napa wedding photographers all the better. Their ceremony took place on the great lawn under a huge oak tree. Officiated by Ryan’s cousin, the program was relaxed, personal, and funny – much like the couple themselves. The cocktail hour timed perfectly to take advantage of the golden afternoon light which filtered down through layers of towering redwoods to perfectly wash over traveling platters of bite-sized chicken and waffles. The upper lawn at Domaine Chandon faces east across Napa valley to Atlas Peak, with views of distinctive vineyards and craggy rock formations. The attention to detail throughout all of the decor was harmonious with the beauty and grandeur of the valley itself. Coordinated by Alex Quintana and with food provided by Elaine Bell Catering, the reception couldn’t have provided more in terms of casual elegance and memorable treats for all the senses. Ryan (who’s passionate about his cerveza) even went the extra distance to supply cases of this area’s famed Pliny the Elder Imperial IPA for guests to enjoy. About the Couple How they met From beer pong to Chandon and everything in between, Ryan and Liz’s relationship took root nearly a decade ago along the shores of Lake Michigan. The summer before their final year at Northwestern University, mutual friends introduced them and both feeling an instant connection, they courted over hours of The OC and Northwestern Football games. Highlights of their courtship The time Ryan gave Liz a gentle flirty push, catapulting… Continue Reading

A Napa Destination wedding // Anna and Simon

It was so great welcoming Simon and Anna to Northern California for their Napa destination wedding this summer for what is sure to become a longstanding Ang family tradition. Originally from Australia, the couple now live and work in New York City in one of our favorite places, Brooklyn. Their destination wedding took place between the towns of St. Helena and Yountville, in the heart of the Napa Valley. The ceremony took place at the cute little St. Helena Catholic Church with the tea ceremony and reception following, just down the road at the Vintage Inn. After their ceremony, Anna and Simon hopped into their ride for the day, an elegantly appointed vintage Packard convertible, and we headed off to explore the backroads and take some photos with their bridal party. Summertime in Napa can be a hot and sunny affair but in addition to the estimated 43,000 acres planted in vineyards, there are also a lot of quite beautiful shade trees. And that’s where we headed! Napa’s picture-postcard scenery is a big draw to the region but Anna and Simon were feeling a little homesick and wanted something a bit more raw that felt like home. We connected straight-away and had the perfect spot – a weathered old warehouse with a lovely faded red-orange facade in beautifully soft late afternoon light. As much as we’d like it to be the case, we didn’t have all day for photos and there were some delicious wines and incredible food waiting for the couple back at the reception site but first, the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony serves an important ritual in Chinese culture. Whereas the ceremony redefines the relationships between Anna and Simon, the tea ceremony formally redefines the relationships between the children and the sets of parents and siblings. They serve each other tea, give… Continue Reading

The Vintage Estate Napa wedding // Molly and Nick

While out with his friends at brunch, Nick saw Molly across the room and felt compelled to talk to her. Feeling compelled, and actually doing something about it are two different things with very different outcomes. We’re pleased to announce that Nick did do something about it when he approached Molly. Her response what not the one you prepare yourself for, but rather the one you’re hoping for; they arranged a date right then and there…and the rest is history! The stormy winter of 2014/15 was historic in all the worst ways for many parts of this country. New York City had a particularly rough time of it, with one of the worst snowstorms in history, the coldest February for nearly 80 years, and a spring that was more gloomy than bloomy. Needless to say, Molly and Nick were long overdue for a bit of sunshine and some natural climate control in their lives. Breaking from their respective careers in fashion and finance, Molly and Nick headed to Napa Valley to meet up with friends and family for their spring wedding in wine country. In planning the big day, Molly found inspiration in Tuscany, which to them “epitomizes spending time with those you love while enjoying great food and wine amidst a beautiful background”. The Pavillion at the Vintage Estate was a great fit for Nick and Molly’s vision. With it’s elegant landscaping, proximity to town, Mediterranean feel, and incredible food and wines, Vintage Inn provides an elegant Napa Valley experience at every level. A marked contrast to the cold, gray palette of NYC in the winter, Molly put the winter solidly behind her and welcomed spring in her gorgeous, shimmering Zuhair Murad wedding gown. It literally took one’s breathe away and in it, Molly radiated light. Nick didn’t look to shabby either and, after a quick YouTube refresher tying a bowtie by a french man with… Continue Reading

Sonoma wedding photography // Amy and Randy

Amy and Randy’s wedding took place on the tree-shaded deck overlooking the lush, Alexander Valley to the south. The view was incredible and what a day for Sonoma wedding photography! At 4:30 a.m. on the morning of her big day, Amy woke up and began making lists. She was excited, giddy and full of anticipation. A few hours later, the sun rose on what would be a perfect day in California’s wine country and finally, Amy’s lists of last-minute to-do’s was complete. As Randy is Jewish and Amy was brought up Christian, they decided to split the difference and have a non-denominational ceremony. There was, however a gorgeous Chuppah, under which the two were married! When their officiant – Randy’s best friend – made the marriage pronouncement, Randy stomped the glass and, Mazel Tov, it was official! Just after the ceremony, Randy sabered a bottle of Champagne, a tradition dating back to Napoleon and the French Revolution, to boldly declare that it was celebration time! Of all the beautiful, intimate, timeless moments of the day, Randy and Amy’s favorite was the brief period they took to be alone immediately after the ceremony. With all the commotion leading up to the big day and the excitement throughout, it’s vital for a couple to make time for each other, and for Amy and Randy, it was just what they needed to reboot and take it all in. As the day went on, guests were treated, not only to the amazing vocals of Liah Alonso, but a duet with the singer and the bride for Randy’s dance with his Gram. One of the greatest functions of a wedding is that they bring generations of family members together. On this day, Randy’s 100 year old grandmother stole the show…and our hearts. Aided by a walker that Amy decorated for her, she made her way to the dance floor… Continue Reading

A Meadowood Napa Wedding

The story of V&F’s Meadowood Napa wedding begins many years ago at math camp when V, from Alabama and F, from Texas, sat down to crunch some numbers. Somewhere between 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u) = …and lunch, a connection formed. Ok, so maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way, but I’d like to think it did. They say that you find true love when you’re least looking for it, and I’m certain that was the case this time. 🙂 Fast forward to the present day and this love has only grown… these two simply adore each other. F calls V his star and is besotted with her, as is she with him. Leaving behind the cold, damp spring weather in New York City, the couple arrived to azure blue spring skies, green hills, and blooming Dogwood trees. From the ceremony at the Holy Family Mission in Napa and back to the Vinter’s Glen at Meadowood, the hot afternoon transitioned into a warm, spring evening. While we were enjoying ourselves as Napa wedding photographers, guests enjoyed craft cocktails, made new friends, and wrote personal messages in their fine art sign in book. Daylights’ departure signaled the beginning of the starlit dinner service. Joined by family and friends from their alma maters – Stanford and Harvard – they were luminous, full of joy, and completely in the moment, enjoying every bit of their beautiful day. As speeches led to dancing, and dancing led where it always leads…an appetite for cake, V & F gave an appreciation speech acknowledging the love and support of all who had travelled to be there. Again, a day full of love that seemed to be over too soon! ** The answer to the problem above is i <3 u (i love you) Continue Reading

An intimate Napa Wedding // Lacey and Charles

auberge du soleil, destination, intimate, napa, napa valley hotel, wedding

Just a few days before their intimate Napa wedding at Auberge Du Soleil, we’d met high school sweethearts Lacey and Charlton in San Francisco. It was quite obvious, straight-away that they really, really dug each other and had the kind of love that develops out of an incredible friendship. We also knew from much earlier how caring these two people were; the morning after the September 4th, American Canyon earthquake that affected Napa and Vallejo, we got an email asking if we were okay – how thoughtful is that? The wedding day dawned and the first storm of the season in wine country came and went. The afternoon sky cleared, and guests congregated on the balcony at Auberge Du Soleil as Charles and Lacey began the ceremony. Any preconceptions I may have formed about Charles as being a bit shy, perhaps a man of few words, vanished like the morning rains when he emotionally delivered his vows. I vow to be new; not new as any novelty is new, but new as the rain is new; and the sun is new afterwards,   That’s just a brief excerpt, there was a lot more… and all of it poignant. I was completely taken aback by the ease and poetry with which he was able convey these deepest of emotions, as the woman standing in front of him strained through her tears to maintain his gaze.  I love every aspect of a wedding day, but on the more intimate weddings, I find a heavier weighted concentration of emotion during the exchanging of vows; It’s very hard at times staying focused and not getting caught up in it all but that is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do.   Continue Reading

An Intimate Napa Wedding // Bethany and Brian

intimate, mature, meadowood, napa, photography, photos, stylish, wedding

Sometimes you speak with a client and just want to show them your cards, to beg them PLEASE let us shoot your wedding!  Bethany and Brian were those clients.  Bethany had the sweetest and most disarming voice you’ll ever hear when she described the plans for their Intimate Napa wedding and Brian just has this smile and demeanor that makes you want to hug him.  We knew straight away that they would be a good fit for us. A marriage is not just a union between two people but a merging of families, and on this late afternoon in Napa,  Brian and his four boys welcomed Bethany into their lives whole-heartedly. The love, respect, and admiration between Bethany and her new boys was inspiring and had our viewfinders foggy, yet again again. Bethany is not one for a big fuss, so she found a simple dress that she had never worn in the back of her closet – it was pretty, and perfect for the occasions. A few months later, she found her self at a trunk show with a friend.  All proceeds from the show went to help children in need and, being that she works for a children’s charity… it was surely fate.  She bought the dress.  If my memory serves, I don’t even think she tried it on!  Bethany thought it might make for a great surprise if she kept this dress a secret, so she held out and didn’t tell a soul.  She invited her mom and sisters in to help her change, but when she walked onto the lawn for the ceremony, it was clear the secret had been kept and everyone was completely surprised. Bethany and Brian exchanged their own vows on the upper lawn as the boys stood around them, each a huge part in this new union. The evening finished with everyone sitting down for an exquisite food and wine… Continue Reading