A Santa Monica Trinity Baptist Church wedding // Aimee and Blane

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They say that opposites attract.  Like magnets they are drawn to one another – one half searching for the other to become whole. So little did he know that the pull had begun nearly 15 years ago when he saw her sitting there in the pew at church.  He’s a little bit country; she’s a little bit rock and roll.  Well, actually, she’s a little bit country; he’s a little bit hip hop.  But true to the adage, opposites do attract.  And even though they are totally opposing in so many things, they perfectly compliment each other.  He loves his iPhone.  She can’t part with her Blackberry.  He goes to Coffee Bean while she goes to Starbucks.  He likes Lebron; she a Kobe fan.  He’s a little funky, outgoing and talkative while, she tends to be more of a thinker – quiet and bookish. Constantly surprising her from impromptu proposals in Central Park to hoisting her up in front of the entire congregation for their first kiss as husband and wife (full satin ball gown and all), Blane is always trying to be one step ahead of his intuitive bride.  He helps her enjoy life and not take things so seriously.  While she helps him slow down to truly enjoy those moments.  So I guess Paula Abdul had it right – it ain’t fiction cuz opposites really do attract. Planning a Santa Monica Trinity Baptist Church wedding was easy for this antipode since Aimee had her sister, Julianna, along her side. Julianna and Josh’s wedding took place earlier this year so the two were able to plan their respective weddings side by side . The day turned out to be a bit gloomy but the clouds lended themselves well to Aimee’s love of pink.  She had chosen a beautiful shade of blush pink for her bridesmaid’s dresses so when they all went out to the beach for photographs, the wash of color was heavenly. Aimee’s favorite movie is “Father of the Bride” and the two were married in the church where the ceremony scene was filmed – a coincidence she swears by.  Blane opted for a little funk and donned a polka dot bow tie and wing tip shoes – he left his custom-made plaid prom suit in his closet.  They held a small “mini” reception at their church for all the teenagers and kids and guests that just wanted to come enjoy their wedding ceremony.  And then later that night during their reception, they brought out a cake for the birthday attendees – including another guest, a groomsman and Dennis!  Dennis was touched to be included… and a little embarrassed not to be able to hide behind the camera the whole time.