A Smogg Shoppe wedding // Juliana and Josh

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“Let’s go running”, he said to her on Christmas Day.  Since they liked to work out together, naturally she thought nothing of it.  On the way, he gave her a box.  It wasn’t a small box; it was a shoe box.  “New running shoes!” she thought this must be why he wanted to go jogging.  As they ran along the bike path on the beach, he pointed to a lifeguard tower.  Looking surprised he said, “Isn’t that Lifeguard Tower 44?” Four and a half years ago on the first night they spent with each other, he had suggested going to the beach to watch the world wake up since they had ended up talking all night long.  They had made their way to a random lifeguard tower (#44) and sat there until breakfast.  They hadn’t returned since. Looking at the tower, feeling nostalgic, she blurted “Oh cute!” He wanted to go over; she didn’t.  She was wearing her brand new running shoes and didn’t want to get them dirty.  He insisted.  Begrudgingly, she agreed.  But took off her new shoes.  After all, it was Christmas Day and she really shouldn’t argue. When they reached the tower, he spun her around, looked into her eyes and before he could utter one word, she knew… HE WAS PROPOSING!  “Are you serious!?” she exclaimed a dozen times while he patiently waited.

Julianna came to us because of her sister, Aimee.  Aimee came to us because of her sister, Julianna.  Aimee will be getting married later this year in October and was first to book with us.  But when Josh surprised JJ with a proposal, Aimee came to us just days later to do a little reconnaissance on JJ’s behalf.  Aimee would be there every step of the way, through all of Josh’s spreadsheets and licensing research, for all the girly things.  Julianna had dreams of DIY grandeur but threw that out the window in sake of her sanity.  Instead, the theme would be casual elegance and a Smogg Shoppe wedding was the perfect fit! Since the Miyabe sisters grew up with a pastor father, they have seen every theme and style wedding you could imagine.  Julianna just loves the way weddings reflect the union of the bride and groom and wanted theirs to be a balance between the two of them.  Josh – an engineer.  Steady, orderly, prefers grids.  Julianna – a bit more empathetic.  Cries at movies, talks in terms of ‘how she’s feeling’.  So the ceremony and reception took place at the urban oasis SmogShoppe in L.A.