For over ten years, Viera Photographics has been consistently ranked amongst California's best wedding photographers and are highly sought after for for worldwide destination weddings as well.  Their candid and real wedding images reflect their love and passion for documentary style storytelling with a cinematic aesthetic. Their photojournalistic style is focused on documenting the small and fleeting moments of your wedding day and creating honest and elegant natural wedding portraits while allowing you to do what's most important.. to enjoy the day itself and have a blast!

Jaime, Dennis and Erin consider California home, and they have worked in literally every corner of the state; from the majestic redwood forests at the Oregon border to the desert oasis of Palm Springs and from the glistening shores of Lake Tahoe to nearly every coastal nook along its 840 mile pacific coastline including San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Francisco, Sonoma Coast, Mendocino, and Napa counties.

Their ability to weave stylish story telling with raw emotion together so well is why clients and industry leaders such as the WPJA, The Knot,  PDN, and others consistently rank Viera Photographics amongst Californias best wedding photojournalists. Contact them today to talk more about your California wedding. 

Well, where do I start! Jamie and Dennis made our dream wedding come true. Their energy and thoughtfulness made our elopement so very special for us in Big Sur. We live in Florida and they were able to make us feel absolutely comfortable with their style of photography and knowledge of what we wanted our special moment to feel like. They captured every smile, laugh, and tear perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for a better photography team. Our family and friends were amazed and pleased by our choice for our special day! They continuously say that they can feel the joy of that day because of the way Jamie and Dennis captured it! Justin and I are so very grateful for their talent and amazing souls that helped us on our big day! Thank you for all you did and we have and will be recommending you to everyone!

We truly felt comfortable with Jamie & Dennis from the get go. Planning a destination wedding had several challenges just like any other wedding but having dependable and friendly vendors made all those challenges easy to overcome. I had a few ideas for favors that involved photography and Jamie was eager to listen, advise, collaborate, and made me feel like I was understood- and then the team followed through! They exceeded our expectations and made us laugh countless times. I didn’t know that would be important in the planning phase but when you spend the better part of your biggest day in the company of vendors it’s good when they don’t feel like strangers. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the images. I’ve never been one to love pictures of myself but they captured the moments, emotion, and excitement of the day. They gave us a visual diary of every emotion we felt that day and it’s hard to put into words just how much that means!

We are so happy that we selected Viera Photographics as our wedding photographers. Dennis and Jaime are extremely talented and they manage to capture the energy, excitement and emotion of our big day. They had some great ideas for locations around Napa Valley to take our photos and we felt very comfortable working with them on the day. They made us feel very comfortable and at ease, particularly as one of us does not like being in front of the camera! We were really happy with the level of professionalism and responsiveness throughout the entire process. We felt that they kept us well informed and we appreciated the regular communication, both before and after the wedding day. We love our photos and they bring back such amazing memories when we look at them. We would highly recommend them to others!

Without a doubt, Viera Photographics made our wedding a seamless event and brought the memories of our special day to life! Jaime and Dennis have a knack for making the bride and groom feel at ease, while capturing the moment with grace and creativity. These folks operate efficiently and courteously without sacrificing any of their artistic talents. The “customer service” was excellent! Viera Photographics responded to changes in schedule, our personalities, and unforeseen challenges all on the fly. They made us feel natural and at home despite the nervousness that normally accompanies one’s wedding day. Viera was tireless with their efforts, despite our wedding day lasting 10 hours and several location changes. At certain points of the day, the Vieras were essentially acting as de facto wedding coordinators, which made everything work seamlessly. They bring a cheerful attitude to the table along with a highly professional approach. We received our photos in less time than we expected, especially in light of how long our friends had to wait for their wedding photos. We had expected such great photos to take much longer to return. Viera’s photos provided a great range of moments captured, and covered all the key moments we were looking for. A level of artistic beauty that we were not expecting. Also, the candid moments they captured went above and beyond expectation; with no prior direction the Vieras new exactly where to be and what to capture!  

All we have to say is WOW! Jaime, Dennis and Erin are so incredibly talented at capturing the most amazing photos from our wedding weekend! We love their style and artistry, and we also love hanging out with them. Also, hanging out with them, was just that! Hanging out! When we met them for the first day event, it felt like we were already friends from our conversations on the phone through the year that I contacted them. We were with them over a span of 3 days for our multiple wedding events so we spent a lot of time together! Indian weddings can be tiring but they were literally running around snapping so many photos of anything and everything. They are so passionate about their work and genuine, wonderful people! Jaime definitely has her tricks to help us loosen up & laugh when we start doing our tight, fake “I’m tired of smiling” smiles — especially when getting our chaotic family photos at the altar. And Dennis just loves to climb and crawl over whatever he can to get cool shots that we couldn’t even think of! You spend the most time with your photographer on your wedding day so along with having gorgeous photos of your special day from this team, you may as well have fun too, and you will get that with the Viera Photographics Team! -Shivani and Saurabh  

They are so great!!! Hire Viera Photographics immediately! Seriously, they’ll get booked up, and you’ll regret it. Looking back on our wedding, choosing them was one of the best decisions we made. We’ve easily had 30 people tell us that their photos are the best wedding pictures they’ve ever seen. Not only did they provide wonderful energy and kindness for what can be a stressful day, but they went with the flow magnificently. So many things are happening at once, and they clearly cared about capturing every special moment, as they crouched, hid, and dove in with their multiple cameras strapped to their bodies. And all the while, they accomplished this without drawing attention. It made me feel SO calm knowing that they were so thorough, on top of it, and clearly artistic and creative in the images that they were taking. They have an eye for what’s special, what’s emotional, and what will really matter as you look back on your big day. Hire them!!!

The first thing out of my brand new wife’s mouth the morning after our wedding? “I miss the Vieras.” We love Jaime and Dennis with all of our hearts. Let me tell you why. They are incredibly talented. And not just for color and composition. They have a superhuman ability to capture emotions and moments that you didn’t know existed. Oh, and they’re tireless – Dennis will literally run off a cliff to frame the perfect shot. I know. I saw it. But that’s not the important part. They’re also AMAZING human beings. They got us through our wedding day. Single-handedly. Whisked us away when we were overwhelmed. Ran the chaos of the group photos. Laughed and cried with us at our most intimate moments. Celebrated with the most enthusiastic of our guests. When you look for a wedding photographer, you hope that you’ll come away with a few amazing images. You’ve seen the website. The Vieras will give you that – the work speaks for itself. But what you don’t see is how wonderful these people are, how much they will care about you, and how just knowing them will enhance your life and your biggest day. So don’t just hire them. Hang out with them. Get to know them. Have a cocktail, a meal. Share your story. Because you spend more time with your photographers than anyone else at your wedding. You might as well freaking love them. Especially when they’re as talented as the Viera Photographics team.