As San Diego wedding photographer, we know the area fondly as "America's Finest City". San Diego is a casual overachiever in the field of hospitality and the perfect place to plan a California destination wedding. Just imagine the excitement when your friends and family receive their wedding invitation to your La Jolla wedding! Of course, if you're already lucky enough to reside there, then San Diego is just a great place to stay home and get married! San Diego weddings may be synonymous with palm-fringed coastal esplanades and golden sandy beaches but the city and surrounding county (spanning 4,500 square miles) offer so much more than the stereotypical image (although there are plenty of sandy, palm-fringed beaches to choose from as well). From mountains to desert sand dunes to lush golf resorts, to the country's largest urban cultural park, museums, historic missions, hotels and all the beautiful Spanish renaissance architecture in between, San Diego has something for every bride and groom and plenty for your guests too! Warm hospitality, laidback atmosphere, and an abundance of incredible food and beverage options around every corner are hallmarks of what makes San Diego such an incredible place to visit...or call home as we once did!

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Viera Photographics is a husband and wife wedding photography team located in Sonoma, California. They specialize in telling stories through their style of wedding photojournalism and candid documentary wedding photography. In business since 2005 they are considered to be one of the top high-end wedding photographers. Their unique wedding photographic style emphasizes stylish storytelling with raw emotion. They bring impeccable and unmatched customer service on every level.

Jaime, Dennis and their team are available worldwide with no travel fees. They travel often photographing weddings all over the world. Some of their top destinations are: Napa, San Francisco, Tahoe, Big Sur, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, New York, Newport, Rhode Island, Vermont, Mexico, and Hawaii.

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Featured San Diego weddings

A San Diego Wedding // Chelsey and Charles

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Anyone who knows Chelsey and Charles will have their own collection of memories from the long history of epic gatherings and festive celebrations in the South Oceanside village of St. Malo.  From the early days of their relationship, the couple made regular visits to the family beach home here, and their visits were almost always accompanied by an artfully inspired fiesta.  These parties, with themes such as “Bastille Day”, “Alien”, “Neon”, and “Roulette”,  brought people together, cemented lifelong friendships, and left in their wake a sea of great memories and cherished photo albums (yes, actual albums!).  With such a deeply rooted history of great times spent with fantastic people over more than a decade, it was only a matter of time before the tribes would again converge upon the beachside enclave for the ultimate reunion –  the wedding of Chelsey and Charles. Charles welcomed us in his incredible fuscia and serpentine Moods of Norway suit and we knew immediately that the day was going to be a memorable one.  Down the road, Chelsey was preparing with her friends and looked like a fairytale ballerina.  We couldn’t wait for them to see each other. Their first look was excitement crossed with intense wonderment topped off with pure joy; I think they were in awe of the reality settling in that this day had finally arrived…and they looked awesome! The day continued with incredible amounts of personality and thoughtful DIY touches around every corner.  The groomsmen surprised everyone with their eclectic suits which reflected their individual styles and the brides dress was handmade by Chelsey and friends.  Leading up to the ceremony, the groom stood at the head of the aisle playing the ukulele for the pre-processional accompanied by longtime friend and musician.  As Chelsey met Charles, the two exchanged vows and proclaimed their love for each other – and for each other’s “weirdness”.  Despite the best efforts to keep the… Continue Reading

A San Diego botanical gardens wedding // Erica and Greg

We first met Erica and Greg at a get-together amongst friends at one of our favorite haunts, Besta-Wan in the lovely Cardiff-By-The-Sea.  It was clear from the start that these were two great people and we hoped that we would become friends…and we did! Here is a very sweet, behind-the-scenes peek into the people behind the images you’ll see below.  It’s an excerpt from the questionnaire we send out to help us get to know our prospective clients a bit better, and was written by Erica: “Well… apparently the first time we met was at the beach, but I don’t remember meeting Greg. I still stick to the first time we ever really hung out. It was at a friend of a friends birthday on a wine tasting party bus. Our bus driver called in sick and we all ended up waiting around Solana Beach for a few hours chatting and drinking cheap champagne…. I think this is one of the best ways to get to know someone. 😉 After this, Greg and I were friends for a year. It wasn’t until my work was transferring me full time to San Diego and I needed someone to live with. Greg was in the process of moving to Canada, but still needed a place to come home to, so it was going to work out perfectly. We started looking for places to live, spending a ton of time with each other and having the best time together. Greg will say he always knew I was the one…. for me it took this quality time to see that this wonderful and loving man was perfect for me. “ Erica and Greg both have demanding work schedules so in their free time, they enjoy doing as little as possible, not unlike ourselves.  They feel life is better… Continue Reading

A San Diego Gaslamp wedding // Meaghann and Darren

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 When Meaghann came around the corner and glided past the pool towards us…Darren and I both nearly lost it.  Nothing can really prepare you for that moment, when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day.  It’s not like you’re seeing each other for the very first time, but in some ways, it can feel that way…at least it did for me.  There’s such a buzz;  friends and family are all around, just bursting with love for you, everyone in and out of the swimming pool has eyes on you, you both look incredible, and that abstract date in your calendar that has been getting closer every day… your San Diego Gaslamp wedding day is finally here.  Meaghann and Darren were in no hurry to let go of each other,  and who could blame them;  moments like these beg for you to cling tightly and never let go. In just a few days, Darren will deploy with the U.S. Navy and head to the Middle East for the next 18 months.  As a fitting send-off, the two walked out as husband and wife beneath an intimidating sword-arch, at which time I came closer than I’d like to ever come again to being impaled.  Whew.  Commitment stacked on top of commitment – and not the most traditional way to begin a marriage – if we’ve ever met two people up  to the task of a bit of time apart from each other, it’s Meaghann and Darren;  they are the best of friends, bring such light to any room they step in to together, and truly complete each other.  Be safe Darren, we’ll all miss you, and remember…at the end of your service, your honeymoon to Southeast Asia will be waiting! Continue Reading

A San Diego beach wedding // Jennie and Johnny

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Ok, I have a confession to make. I have never been to a wedding as a guest. That’s right, never worn a brides maid dress, never sat in a seat to watch any of my friends promise each other that they will work things out no matter how hard it gets, never given an impromptu speech, but…I have shot hundreds of weddings. Wedding number 200-something was a San Diego beach wedding and a bit different from the rest. When we shoot a wedding, we often need to get to know our clients very quickly. We have to gain an intimate knowledge of the relationship they have with each other and with everyone there, and we have to tell a compelling story – through photos – of this special day that reflects them perfectly. In the end, we feel like we do know our clients, we feel like family and we feel like we have been there with them celebrating their wedding as a good friend. So I guess what I am saying is that I have been lucky enough to have been at hundreds of weddings and though I don’t get to sit and listen to the speeches – I do get to capture the bride’s mom  getting teary, her best friend remembering that time when they ran away together, and I get to see every small look the bride and groom give to each other as they take in all the love in the room. I feel lucky to have such great clients that welcome us into their private personal spaces and let us capture very intimate moments. Back in October, we got to spend the day capturing my family for a change.  Jennie is my cousin, which makes this San Diego beach wedding even more personal to us and… Continue Reading