Without a doubt, Viera Photographics made our wedding a seamless event and brought the memories of our special day to life! Jaime and Dennis have a knack for making the bride and groom feel at ease, while capturing the moment with grace and creativity. These folks operate efficiently and courteously without sacrificing any of their artistic talents. The “customer service” was excellent! Viera Photographics responded to changes in schedule, our personalities, and unforeseen challenges all on the fly. They made us feel natural and at home despite the nervousness that normally accompanies one’s wedding day. Viera was tireless with their efforts, despite our wedding day lasting 10 hours and several location changes. At certain points of the day, the Vieras were essentially acting as de facto wedding coordinators, which made everything work seamlessly. They bring a cheerful attitude to the table along with a highly professional approach. We received our photos in less time than we expected, especially in light of how long our friends had to wait for their wedding photos. We had expected such great photos to take much longer to return. Viera’s photos provided a great range of moments captured, and covered all the key moments we were looking for. A level of artistic beauty that we were not expecting. Also, the candid moments they captured went above and beyond expectation; with no prior direction the Vieras new exactly where to be and what to capture!