All we have to say is WOW! Jaime, Dennis and Mischa are so incredibly talented at capturing the most amazing photos from our wedding weekend! We love their style and artistry, and we also love hanging out with them. Also, hanging out with them, was just that! Hanging out! When we met them for the first day event, it felt like we were already friends from our conversations on the phone through the year that I contacted them. We were with them over a span of 3 days for our multiple wedding events so we spent a lot of time together! Indian weddings can be tiring but they were literally running around snapping so many photos of anything and everything. They are so passionate about their work and genuine, wonderful people! Jaime definitely has her tricks to help us loosen up & laugh when we start doing our tight, fake “I’m tired of smiling” smiles — especially when getting our chaotic family photos at the altar. And Dennis just loves to climb and crawl over whatever he can to get cool shots that we couldn’t even think of! You spend the most time with your photographer on your wedding day so along with having gorgeous photos of your special day from this team, you may as well have fun too, and you will get that with the Viera Photographics Team! -Shivani and Saurabh