A Year in Review // 2017

2017 was a pretty crazy year. For us, it was the busiest year since Viera Photographics began 12 years ago but it didn’t come easy. The year in Sonoma county began with enough rain to break historical records in April, record breaking heat in September, then in October – the month we most look forward to up here – the most devastating wildfire in California’s history. Mother Nature really tested our nation’s resolve last year but we made it through and are so grateful to have worked with the incredible list of clients we have and to be able to continue doing the work we love.

Last year was also special for us in that we had the chance to revisit all of the important places that have helped shape what Viera Photographics is today.

A New Year’s Day wedding brought us back to San Diego, where Jaime and I met back before cell phones were smart. In April, we headed back to New Zealand for a wedding in lovely Marlborough. We had a chance to re-tour the South Island and re-tell Alex stories of all the adventures he went on with us before he could remember and we showed him all the special places like the hospital he was born in, the house he grew up in, and Otago University, where his mom earned her degree. Upon our return to the states, things got much more busy and we were soon headed back to the east coast for a wedding in my hometown of Newport, Rhode Island at the supremely romantic Chanler Hotel. The fall had us working close to our new home of Sonoma county and the season finally came to a close in November but not before our first bowling alley wedding which…is also quite relevant as that’s where I first met my Jaime. Ok, all sappy reminiscing aside, it was an unforgettable year which is why we felt compelled to do our first year-in-review in 12 years. To all our clients out there, we are ineffably grateful to you for letting us into the most intimate corner of your world for a day and we wish you the happiest 2018.