Viera Photographics is AMAZING, hands down.  Amazing creativity to capture great photos and amazing personalities to work with.  We first began researching Viera by reading reviews and looking through their website.  We were drawn to their style of capturing emotions and moments to tell a story.

Correspondance –  Anytime we had questions or concerns, we were able to get a reply within a days time.  Because we had a destination wedding in Napa, this was very important to us because there was never a time we could sit down together to work out details.

Do-diligence – Viera definitely did their homework to understand the locations and venues for our wedding.  They did site visits and worked with the vendors to ensure a seamless process for our day-of.

Wedding Day – Dennis and Chris were our photographers for the day.  They promptly arrived at our rooms while we were getting ready and began shooting everything from accessories, flowers, and dresses/tuxedos, to moments with the girls/guys.  During the ceremony, they captured all the great pictures and angles that you would normally see in a magazine wedding (ie: the aisle and arbor, the string trio, the kiss, the parents reactions, the moment of celebration after the ceremony).  At the reception, they focused on capturing “real” moments we had with our guests.  We have so many great candid pictures that highlight the light-hearted and happy energy of all of our guests.

Groom’s Gift Shoot – Based on all of the positive interactions through planning our wedding, I decided I wanted to hire Viera again for a post wedding shoot at Levi’s Stadium as my groom’s gift to my hubby.  Once again, they hit this out of the park!  Dennis and Jaime were our photographers for this and all the pictures from the shoot came out better than I could have ever dreamed!  They suggested different ideas and poses that I would have never thought of and they turned out great.

Viera definitely has a passion for doing what they do and it really shows in their work.  They are very easy-going and made us laugh through every picture – it almost feels like you are with friends you haven’t seen for a while. I highly recommend Viera for any special event you want captured because they will go beyond your expectations.