Viera Photographics are incredible people and even better photographers.  As our wedding day has come and gone and the magic dust has started to settle, we’ll always cherish having Jaime and Dennis by our sides through it all.  They’re truly remarkable storytellers who earned our trust and confidence from the start.  Never did we look back and see missed opportunities or wished we did things differently.  Not many can say that, and for that, we’re forever grateful. We first met Dennis and Jaime in January 2014 to discuss the possibility of them shooting our upcoming October 2014 wedding.  At their suggestion, we met over beers at a pub up in Marin county (Nor Cal) and spent the better part of two hours sharing life stories and chatting about anything and everything.  Honestly, we could have hung out all night.  After leaving that initial meeting, we decided before we left that pub’s parking lot that we’d do anything to have them shoot our big day. Stars aligned and we lucked into booking both Dennis AND Jaime together!  They can often book out individually well in advance, so we were thrilled to have the dynamic duo intact for our wedding date.  As the date approached, Dennis and Jaime were great about staying in touch to prompt us well in advance with all the upcoming to do’s. About half way to the wedding date, we did a practice shoot with the them somewhere between Bodega and Tamales Bay.  I can’t give any more specifics. No for real…they led us from their farm to an amazing Lord of the Rings sort of location via small, winding country roads!  No idea where we ended up.  It was worth the effort because we got some amazing and unique shots that are standouts among the usual engagement photo variety.  More importantly, the engagement session practice shoot was a direct extension of our experience during our first meeting at that pub months earlier.  Casual, relaxed, fun, and genuine.  Four adjectives that perfectly describe the husband and wife team. Fast forward to the big day.  Dennis met the groom and groomsmen at the hotel and Jaime met up with the bride and bridesmaids at the bridal suite.  Both were fantastic about being everywhere (getting random shots of the getting ready process) without ever getting in the way.  They are like photo ninjas!  Calm and professional demeanors were a great help to set the tone that day.  Little reminders like “stop and take everything in” or “why don’t you two go take a second by yourselves and relax” were great to keep us from getting swept up in the chaos.  The photo ninja theme continued throughout the ceremony and reception.   At the end of the evening, everyone was sad to see them leave.  They had become a part of our family. Looking back on all of the photos that they took that day, it’s EXTREMELY hard to choose which are our favorites.  It’s safer to say they are ALL our favorites.  And that’s no exaggeration.  The effortless skill they displayed is truly astonishing when you experience the breathtaking images that result.  When your photos do your memories justice, you know you have extraordinary photographers.  Dennis and Jaime are masters of their craft.  Period.