Simply put, the Vieras are the right people to get the job done and then some. Seriously. They are true professionals who know what they are doing and are working both when you do and don’t see them. We had them travel to our wedding (across the country!) and they spent countless hours at our 3 venues scoping out the scene to find out where they wanted to take pictures with us. How do I know this? Because we saw them at BOTH of our rehearsals on two separate days just looking for places to shoot for the main event! This is the ONLY part of the wedding planning that I took the lead on and I we are beyond impressed and excited to have these memories for years. Not only do we have these memories, but we have become good friends with them also! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself shooting them a text here and there for months after your wedding. They are fun, playful, creative and really make this part of your wedding exciting and memorable. These are some of the most important memories of your life, I wouldn’t trust them with ANYONE ELSE! You won’t be disappointed!